Do you think that these sheets would like nice with this bedding?

emilyxorangeDecember 23, 2013

I'm starting college next August and I'm having some trouble finding sheets that I like.
Thanks for your input



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LOL! I wonder the same with these things. This place is one marketing jungle. But it is 2 sites. Can't see the pictures anyway.

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Seems legit, unless someone is playing games. Here is the first link

Here is a link that might be useful: sheets

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Oops, second link says page unavailable, but it was the Kohl's web site. Oh well. Those sheets are so loud they would keep me awake at night.

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I just figured that, except for those with early admission acceptances, most seniors are just completing the application process and most would not be thinking of bedding for next fall right now. Seemed fishy to me.

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That's my thought too cyn427. My dd didn't think about sheets until a week or two before she moved into the dorm.

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Well, I don't think it's unusual to think about bedding in the excitement of just getting one's admission letter....

So here goes: If these are indeed the sheets (the black and white ones) and the bedding (blue geometric), then, no, I don't think they go together. Either one would be nice but needs to be coordinated with a solid color.

Another question is whether you will have a single room. If not, you may want to coordinate bedding with your room mate.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bedding

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I can only see the sheets. My thoughts are with studying, you're going to need some serious rest too. To me, that means comfort and I can't see a thread count or fabric content listed. Do you wash your own bedding - I'd have some issues with something washed as often as sheets in black and white. Hot is going to fade the black, cold isn't going to keep the white 'white....

How bout something with great wrinkle free fabric, a little more neutral for ease in laundering, and go wild with your coverlet or comforter if brights appeal to you.

Make your bed. No one will see your sheets ;)

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At least the price on those black and white ones are certainly reasonable.

About college acceptances: I have two senior grandaughters and both have received acceptances this month. One to Florida State and University of Central Florida, the other to three different Maryland schools.

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We're all adults here and can decide for ourselves whether something is spam or not. It's hurtful to the legitimate poster when you make an unfounded accusation like that. Your immediate response to the OP seemed like a race to be the first to identify spam. Take it easy in the future and let us decide for ourselves what we choose to read. On another note, my daughter was so excited when she received her early admission letter, she was planning out her yet to be determined dorm room minutes afterward. I think it's a girl thing.

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I don't think the two go together. If you'd rather not coordinate color scheme with a roommate (you don't have to) then I would get a coordinating solid sheet with your comforter. Imagine a roommate with a busy comforter and sheet patten with your lively sheet and comforter pattern and I think you'll have visual overload. Those rooms are pretty small. If you buy your stuff first, if your roommate wants coordinating bedding, she'll have to coordinate with your bedding. Lol.

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Well, K9, didn't intend to offend. We will see if the OP comes back. If she does, I will certainly apologize to her for my mistake.

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What is hurtful to an OP if someone thinks a post might be spam? Surprising, kind of funny, a bit amusing ... but hurtful?

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Let's face it, for those of us who have been longtime posters on GW, we have grown quite skeptical of those who register on the same day of their first post and their post contains links to other sites.

I do hope Emily is legit and will come back and respond. Congrats to her and all the seniors who have been accepted. I remember that feeling of happiness and relief. Decorating a dorm room is fun but I did not think about it until it was nearly time to arrive. I was mostly thinking about parties and boys. Ahem.

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I agree snookums and thanks for the support. I would never be intentionally hurtful to anyone, but judging from her response on the please vote thread, I suspect k9 is feeling somewhat stressed these days (not that I am speaking for her, just mho) and responding more harshly than she might normally (again, jmho, not trying to start a new squabble).

Also, I do stand by my previous statement that most students who have not applied early decision will not receive an acceptance until spring. Many have just completed their applications at this point (my experience having taught in high schools). My congratulations to those who have already heard.

Merry, merry and happy, happy everyone.

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Yes, I did see the other thread after this one and hope she can enjoy the holidays!

But this does come up from time to time about accusing an OP of being a spammer when maybe they aren't. So I have to wonder what would be so hurtful about it. Sometimes the real spammers do go over the top when they are accused though, lol.

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Just to put this into perspective: There are 450 colleges with early decision or early action. Some schools fill close to half their class with early decision applications. Then there's also rolling admission.
So, there are thousands and thousands of students who are admitted for the fall.

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Sigh. Yes, perspective...There are more than 10 times that number of colleges total in the US with more than 20 million students enrolled.

However, in the quest to be happy, I really don't care about arguing who is right or wrong. Can't believe this has devolved to this degree. Betting ded is making popcorn! ;)

Again, merry Christmas, happy new year. :)

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