Hahn kitchen sink from Costco?

gabbythecatAugust 21, 2013

Does anyone know anything about Hahn sinks? I can't find any reviews; I'm interested in the very large model (single bowl), but am concerned that it is so inexpensive. Is it just a very nicely priced Costco sink, or is it garbage?

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I was just looking at the same sink. I was just going to order it and return if it's no good.

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I am in the same boat as well. Bumping it up to see if people have tried it in the past few months.

buddypooh and gladys, did you order this sink? How is it going?


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Nope. I wound up ordering a Blanco - 25 inch, I think - that I found on Amazon. Seems fine so far. Of course, I haven't actually *used* it for anything - plumber only got it hooked up on Monday. But I think it'll be fine. I'm not terribly picky about sinks, and SS seems to be a safe choice.

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Bumping this because I'm in the market for a sink. Although I love and adore Costco and their return policy, the problem with a sink is that once it's installed, especially if you're going with an undermount with a granite counter,it's pretty much a done deal. You don't really know if you're happy with the sink till it's in and you're using it.
Has anyone bought one of these? Pros? Cons

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I'd also like some feedback on these. According to the Hahn site, they have been making sinks "for others" and now make sinks using their own name. Hmm.

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