Source for this tray pull-out?

lisa_aAugust 9, 2014

I'm back to wanting a narrow pull-out for the 4.5" cab between DW and fridge but this time I want it to house cutting boards, particularly my large wooden cutting board. I'm trying to maximize the usable space and came across this idea while perusing ideas at houzz.

Traditional Spaces by Huntington Beach Kitchen & Bath Fixtures Garcia Cabinetmakers

I realize the cab opening pictured above is wider than I'll have but I think my cab maker may be able to adapt it to work for me. However, there isn't any manufacturer info listed with this image or with another photo showing the same pull-out. Does anyone know who makes the hardware for this pull-out?


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Rev-A Shelf makes a similar one.

Here is a link that might be useful: 5 inch pullout

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Thanks, kitchenlover1! I looked at Rev-a-Shelf's website but they don't list that one. Or I overlooked it.

Lowe's description is a bit misleading. It says it's 5" wide, minimum cab width is 5.25". Pretty sure they mean minimum cab opening, which would mean a minimum cab width of 6.75", which makes it too wide for my use. But maybe it can be adapted to a smaller size. I was hoping for a metal sided one since that will likely provide strength without eating up too much usable width, like wood.

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Lisa, you don't really need the complete hardware if your cabinet maker has creativity (and attention to micro-detail). All you need is a full extension drawer glide screwed in to one side at the top of the space (and bottom - if you want to add more support) and then custom make a cutting board holder.

Rev-a-shelf makes the narrowest pull outs but I personally don't think they are worth the investment required compared to alternatives which can be created.

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I just happened to be in Lowes this morning. They are building a beverage center (not yet complete) and I had to be nosy, opening all the drawers & pullouts. Anywho, the display includes the unit above. I can swing by again later and get some specifics & pics. I didn't have my phone or tape measure..

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Oh, yay, tmy_jax, that would be wonderful if you did that for me! Thank you!

I don't remember seeing these units at my local Lowe's but then again, I don't recall specifically looking for them either.

gemcap, you're right, my cab maker can likely make something very similar that will do the job just fine. My preference, though, is to have metal supports on the sides since that will provide more support with less width eaten up. At least that's my assumption and I'll be sure to check with my cab maker.

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This unit is installed in a 9" cabinet. Rev-A-Shelf 447-BC-5C

Wooden box/framing is 5", framed cabinet opening ~5 3/4"

Unit attached to cabinet front, bracket tab to bracket tab ~ 6 1/4"

Side view

Let me know if you have any additional questions... the store is just a mile away :)

HTH, tmy

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tmy_jax, you are AWESOME! Thank you for taking pics and measurements for me!

As I suspected, it is too wide for my opening but I think it could be adapted to be narrower if I just use the 2 sides and ditch the inner divider. I will definitely show this to my cab maker rep so that she understands what it is I want to do. I'm sure we'll be able to figure out how they can make one work in the space I have.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

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You're very welcome! Thanx for all the layout help you provide on the forum!

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