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silverravenAugust 18, 2013

I know I have been out of the remodel game for about a year, but I had no idea that Ikea had changed butcher block!
Hubby and I just got back from a trip to Ikea to pick up Oak Numerar butcher block for a kitchen island and vanity top. Wow, was I blown away to find out that it has been discontinued!! And, the beech and birch are both just laminate over particle board now! When did this happen??
I'm crying over this. I planned on using it many different places in my house. I'm so sad and lost now!

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Not exactly. There will evidently be countertops like that; they have them in Europe already, but they do still offer some solid wood ones, too, like this one.

So I don't think it's likely that they plan to do only the laminate. However, in any case, Ikea is far from the only option for BB counters, although they were often the cheapest. There are Lumber Liquidators, craft-art.com, John Boos, and many others, too. If you need counters in a hurry, try one of them instead.

EDIT If you can find butcher block at ikea now and it's called numerar, it's solid, or at any rate should be. But they were having some QC issues recently. The new particleboard counters will be called akerby or something like that. Numerar may well have voids, but it won't have particleboard.

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When I was at Ikea earlier this month looking for something to use as a desktop, they had solid wood Numerar butcherblock in oak and I think beech (either beech or birch was discontinued, I don't remember which, but they definitely had the oak plus one other one). They also had the wood-over-particleboard version, which they had set up as a table in one of their tiny-house displays. It actually looked really nice but I know what you mean about solid wood. (I did consider the wood-over-particleboard for my desktop, though -- easier for me to lift.) Then they had yet another solid butcherblock, can't remember the name but not Numerar, over in freestanding kitchens as a top for those islands. It was beech and made of thinner strips than the Numerar.

So I'd say either check the website for the stock prognosis at your store, or go back if it's not too far and try to find somebody in kitchens who knows what's going on. The fellow I talked to about my desktop didn't say anything about the solid ones being discontinued.

I hope they aren't really discontinuing. I love the Numerar oak in my kitchen, the same way other people feel about their swirly granite. :)

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All I know is what the lady told me. The oak Numerar was discontinued, they would only have beech and birch, and those would be the 1/4 inch of wood over particle board.
I really really really hope the lady was wrong, but even on display that was all that was there. :(
I needed cheap solid oak butcher block for my projects.
Oh, and my favorite sheets were discontinued too. Not a good Ikea day for me.
This was the Charlotte, NC store, by the way, so if any other stores are different let me know please!

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Hmmm. I guess the Oak has been discontinued. :/ Our Ikea (MN) has the Birch and Beech in stock, and according to the website, it is solid wood.

We have the beech for our breakfast bar/peninsula, and it is very nice.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ikea Butcher Block

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Oh no, the Charlotte store is the one I went to as well. :( That'll be a real shame if it isn't coming back. Still, if they are having quality problems from the supplier then I guess it's better not to sell it at all. I hope you can find a good alternative! If you can get beech or birch from another store, maybe that'll work for you? I would have used beech in my kitchen if it'd been in stock when I was placing the order. (The oak worked out fine for me, it's just that we have an oak floor too.)

Back when I was looking, Lumber Liquidators and Cabinets Now (both with retail stores in Charlotte) also had butcherblock countertops for reasonable prices. I don't know if Cabinets Now still stocks them but I'm sure LL would.

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We are going to Lumber Liquidators to check theirs out. The walnut looks nice online, but I want to see in person.
Our store was even out of the beech/birch solid, they only had the particle board inside stuff. How would you ever trim it shorter?
I hope this is just temporary at Ikea!! I had plans for the solid butcher block. in oak.

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