Karran acrylic sinks? Anyone with experience with these?

zone4newbyAugust 1, 2013

I apologize if there are recent threads about this. Google found a short thread from 2009, and the site search finds nothing.

We're using laminate counters-- it's what our budget allows. When we chose our cabinets, we saw a Karran undermount sink and it looks so much nicer than the drop-in sink I thought we'd have to have.

But I'm not finding a lot of reviews of it, and it's substantially more than a drop-in, so I want to be fairly sure we'll be happy about the investment.

We have kids, and I cook-- this isn't a kitchen for looking at. I love the idea of not having the nasty lip around the sink, and having a solid surface instead of stainless.

If we do it, we would get the Monaco in Bisque (it's one big sink so I can wash my big pots!)

Any feedback is appreciated!

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Sophie Wheeler

I would NEVER put one in. There just isn't a lot of meat between you and a water leak and the counter and everything else being ruined. Besides, by the time you pay all of the upcharges, you won't be that far from getting a basic granite with an undermount sink.

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The price I've been quoted is quite a bit less than doing the whole kitchen in granite (and actually I don't care for granite). In what way is a Karran install more risky than other sinks on laminate?

Do you have any personal experience with Karran sinks?

FWIW, my budget is what it is. Telling me I should upgrade something I can't afford to upgrade isn't helpful.

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The process of undermounting to laminate is suspect for longevity. There's only a thin layer of plastic that is 1 chip away from leaking. It would probably be OK for a light use from adults, but I wouldn't put it in any other home. All of my fabricators checked out the process, and most of them refused to do it because of the potential for leaks. I only have one guy that will do it, and by the time you add in the $700 fee for it, and sign the waiver he requires, you really aren't that far from a basic granite. The last quote I did for it was $2300 for the laminate installed, and the granite was only $2500 installed, with the free stainless sink my granite fabricator offers with at least a 40 square foot purchase.

Don't rule stone out because you think it's out of your budget. It probably isn't. Laminate has got pricier, and stone has gotten cheaper. Something like Uba Tuba is probably one of the most functional choices around. And one of the least expensive for a solid counter that will let you do an undermount. If you want an undermount, that's what you need to be looking at. Some type of solid counter like a stone or acrylic solid surface. Not laminate.

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Connie K

The place where our contractor is sending us for bathroom vanity tops, sells Karran sinks. I'm wondering about the functionality of them, too, because the brochure is impressive. We would have ours undermounted to Cambria (quartz), so I'm only looking at the quality of the sink, which I think you are also. It says it will not stain and you can use abrasive cleansers on it. It doesn't say anything about chipping or scratching, which would be a concern of mine in the kitchen.

For what it's worth, I would get the drop in for the kitchen, if using laminate. But I would seriously consider the Karran. I'm pretty sure it's what my mother had, and her sink always looked nice. She had a drop in with laminate counters.

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