Help with paint color for kitchen

yorkiegalAugust 14, 2013

Hi, I'm very knew to the forum and we are in the process of "updating" our 80 ish kitchen. We have painted the oak cabinets antique white by Sherwin Williams and I'm very pleased with the results. My frustration is a color that will go with my countertop which is called Bella Capri by Wilsonart. I'm beyound frustrated, have been to paint store so many times bringing home swatches, experiment with a few quarts and I'm lost as to a color. It's not a superbig kitchen and we only have 1 window, our floors are a med oak (pergo). I would love any input/suggestions on a color to use. Not sure how to add more than 1 picture

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floor color

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cabinet color is antique white, we are removing the tile seen in this picture as I dont feel it matches the counter top

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I have SW Antique walls throughout most of my house and I love it. It took me months to choose it and I still love it to death. It seems a bit lighter on your cabinets, but that may be the light. My cabinets are BM Cloud White which seems lighter and goes well with Antique White. I assume the AW goes well with your counter. Maybe consider something else on the AW strip a bit lighter or darker? Unless you want something with more contrast, and someone else will have to weigh in.

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What do you have in mind for a color? The counter looks like it has a lot of peach in it, which could be causing your trouble. You can either go with that and choose a peach color paint (BM Natural Peach, for example), or you can go neutral. I think something in a taupe would look nice (BM Fairview Taupe, BM Coastal Fog, or BM Natural Cream, going darker to lighter). I think if you try to go more beige it is going to fight with the peach tones--not impossible, but maybe a bit trickier to find just the right beige. I looked at a few grays, too, and they also seemed to be a bit tricky. The peach tends to bring out the blue undertones in many of the grays I looked at, and the greenish grays I looked at looked sickly.The taupes seem to be the most forgiving color family with the counter.

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BM's Blond Wood goes well with that laminate. I have a sample of it myself which I plan to use in my laundry room and have selected Blond Wood to go with it.

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Thank you everyone for the suggestions. I have myself in such of a tizzy that I sit and cry. I think some of my frustration is that you can see other rooms such as the dining room and then the family room from the kitchen and i have a fear of nothing flowing together. I dont want to go dark because imo it makes my kitchen even smaller. I'm even wondering if I should consider a different color for my countertops ( hubby is gonna say here's the divorce papers LOL...and I thought decorating was suppose to be fun :-)

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I have to agree with Linelle. I have SW Antique White in my hallways, stairwell, and sitting room, and it never looks white like your cabinets. It looks like French vanilla to me, and sometimes light yellow in direct sunlight. So I would double check that it is AW before painting from that strip. I'm sure that strip would give you yellow walls.

Can we see more of the countertop in your kitchen? It looks different in both the photos.

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