Please Help with Breakfast Nook Furniture (X-Post from Kitchen)

bluej422December 12, 2012

Hi all. We have light maple cabinets, white/grey countertops (the butcherblock cart shown in the first photo is going to go) and are trying to pick out furniture for the breakfast nook area. We'd appreciate any advice or recommendations.

We're really looking for some comfortable, simple, casual seating to fit in this small bay window area that flows with what's going on in the kitchen but isn't too matchy-matchy. We'd like to do small round table (36-40"), but not sure what would work best with the kitchen space.

For what it's worth the other side of the kitchen opens up to our formal dining room and the breakfast nook opens up to our family room. There's no shortage of seating, but we do want somewhere comfortable to have coffee, do a crossword, have a casual dinner for 2, etc.

Any suggestions on colors, tables, and lighting (since I don't really like the current light in this area) would be appreciated. Thanks very much!

Here's a couple tables we are considering, but we are open to other suggestions:


Here is a link that might be useful: One more table idea

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Annie Deighnaugh

Pretty nook. From the shape of the space, it looks like an oval would fit well too if you want more space and seating. You could then put a padded bench under the big window and pull 2 chairs up to the table on the other side.

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I really like the styling of the first with your other things. Very interesting, unique combo!

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Can you post a pic of your family room?

I enjoy seeing what others come up with and assuming that the style in that room would help with the answer.

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I like the second table. The base of the first one is too dark and too antiqued to go with the kitchen.

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Thanks everyone!

Mellyc123--Here's a photo (sorry it's so blurry) of the family room from when we first moved in. We've added some accessories and lighting, but the sectional, rug and credenza are the same. You can see it's much more masculine and darker wood and colors than the kitchen.

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