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ardcpAugust 1, 2013

i have been reading alot about kitchens as i have been planning my new kitchen. i have been to lowes and 2 kitchen places to refine the design but i am still not really sure about the layout. suggestions would be appreciated! i have kicked around the idea of extending my L into a penisula but am concerned it would be too closed off with the slider being adjacent to it. i need more storage and more counter space. i will be getting rid of the pantry but keeping all appliances in the same spots(same appliances as well)

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i couldn't post 2 pics so here is the original kitchen layout dimensions. i added the pantry later. also i want to replace the cabs and counters. id like to run the cabs to ceiling which is 8ft but i don't know if my ceilings are level enough to fit 42" tall cabs.

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Why get rid of the pantry? What are you going to do instead?

I would imagine that the installers would mount the uppers a little off the ceiling and then use a piece of decorative or scribe molding to cover the gap. That would take care of any ceiling irregularity issue.

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i dont like the wasted deep space of the pantry and to get more counterspace i just want to run the counter all the way down the wall with uppers. i think the space will be about the same as the pantry but easier to organize

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Counterspace on the bottom left will be a clutter collector. I would swap that counter with the fridge, make the counter 30" deep instead of 24," and add a prep sink. Then it will actually be a usable prep space.

On the other side of the kitchen, your pri*mary prep space is between the range and sink. So, move the DW to the other side of the sink so it's out of your prep space. I would also make the counters on that side 30" deep.

I keep recommending 30" counters because it makes a huge difference in a small kitchen - I am speaking from experience. Basically, you either order deeper cabinets ($$$$) OR less expensively, and this is what my father did in the house I grew up in, you build a 2x6 base against the wall, install the cabinets against it, and run counter over the whole thing.

If you want usable storage space, switch as many base cabinets to drawers as possible. That means everything except the sink and corner bases and a trash pullout if you will have one (although in a kitchen this small I would put the trash pullout under the sink).

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