Show me your marble seams!

Melly73August 1, 2013

Hi all, I had the marble fabricator come today and he told me my beautiful stretch of white Carrara marble will need a seam! I am so disappointed, he kept telling me I'll hardly see it, I won't notice it etc. but so far all the seams I've seen in marble have been awful and very visible. Please help by posting pictures of seams in your marble tops or advice / suggestions, thank you.

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I have Vt Danby marble.
I was disappointed w/ my 2 seams when first installed, but now, I barely noticed them.

when my fabricators did the mixing for the edging epoxy, I could see how difficult it was to match, especially when there's so much veining involved. He worked w/ me with different options, and I had to choose the least of the evils. At that time, I just didn't like it. But now, the epoxy is so minimal in the whole scope of my renovation, I don't even see them now.

read oldryder's post in my thread, maybe your fabricator can do that.

good luck,

see link:

can you see the seam on the right in this poor quality picture?

Here is a link that might be useful: Amanda's no bueno seams

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Your marble is gorgeous Amanda and I think it is a great point, when we are in the midst of renovation every little detail seems so big and we want everything to be perfect but once we live with something for a while it doesn't seem so bad.

I am going to have to have a seam on my island too so I'd love to see more examples if anyone has them. I want to show my fabricator pictures as he seems like a visual guy and I want to be sure I am explaining matching up the veining as best we can.

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Our seams are visible, of course, but not very noticeable.

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