Where to return crown?

foodonastumpAugust 12, 2013

I have two short walls, about 30", between my kitchen and the dining room. There is white crown in the dining room. My question is whether to turn the corner and return the crown on the end of the wall, or just cut the return at the end of the wall? I can't decide my preference.

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Here's an example of the white crown and what it would look like if returned on the end.

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I like that example food, but, I don't think it looks like the same situation as you have.
My vote would be to end it with turning the corner.

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Do you have a photo of what you mean with the other option?

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No photo but a bad sketch on the wall ;)

Keeping in mind what the return looks like from my sample photo, would you end it like A or B? Turning completely into the kitchen is not an option as I see it because not only would the transition to the cabinet crown be sketchy, but there's no crown other than the stained cabinet crown in the kitchen.

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I don't think that either is an appropriate ending. It's also a style miss with the cabinet crown. It's much too elaborate compared to the cabinets. I vote no molding at all. It's a modern look that is appropriate to a transitional or modern home.

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Interesting, LWO, thanks for the honest opinion. But since this is existing crown in the adjoining living room and family room (not to mention the rest of the dining room) and it's a fairly open design, I'd prefer living with the style miss over tearing it all out.

That said, perhaps you've convinced me that A might be the better option, in order to offer at least a bit of separation.

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It could end at the next corner, to the right of "A" ... die into that wall. That would give good separation from the very different crown on the cabinets. Since the joint in that inside corner would be a coped joint, you could see what that looks like and then easily extend it to "A" if you don't like it.

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Given the existing conditions, I agree with the above. I would start by ending it by dying into the wall (ending at the inside corner seen in the top right of the first photo, and if you don't care for that, at "A".

I have also seen the variant of being cut off flush at the end below point A with a piece fitted to fill in the gap between the wall and the crown. Done well, it is a less ornamental terminus than doing a return. Done poorly, it looks like you couldn't do a return.

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Thanks - I'll have the contractor terminate into the wall and play with these options on my own time. If the "less ornamental terminus can be done well, I have confidence in my ability to do it. The left side is different be cause the short wall ends on an outside corner, but I'll figure something out.

Of course now the window casing is going to bother me; I have beefy 3.5" casing throughout the house and on the inside of the other kitchen entrance so short of a Sheetrock return I don't feel like I have any different options there.

Argh, good thing I'll be looking to sell this house within a year and potential buyers won't be likely to object to any of this in my market. Next time I'll come to you guys before I start planning rather than after the fact to work through details!

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Add an small drop header and carry the crown across to the other side of the room.

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LOL, Casey, I can't believe I forgot to think about that "recently" as it was a discussion when the short wall went up. Before the remodel there was a decorative beam across that space. I wasn't sure I wanted to drop the 16" needed to match other headers so I left it open. This option will definitely be one of my mock-ups. It's not a perfect solution because it raises other symmetry issues within the kitchen, but I'm happy you re-added it to my list of options. Thank you!

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It can be any depth you choose, even only 1/4" deeper than the crown; could be a coffered ceiling in adjoining room, too, while you're at it.

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