spray painting brand new cabinet hardware?

maggiepie11August 7, 2013

so let's say i find an amazing deal on cabinet pulls in a brushed stainless finish and i like the style, but i want a matte black finish. i've spray painted old hardware to give it a fresh new look, but it makes me a little squeamish to unwrap brand new hardware and take a spray can to them. but at the same time, the hardware is SO expensive when you start filtering by color, size, and style!

can anyone talk me out of it or talk some sense into me? :)

anyone else done this?

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I bought a dresser from Home Goods about 2 years ago. I loved the style, hated the stain. I brought it home and gel stained it. And sprayed the hideous hardware.

I should also add that this was not a cheapo dresser. It was a massive dresser that was made by Drexel Heritage and retailed for over $2k. Nobody liked the finish, and it was reduced on double clearance at HG to $200. The dresser today is gorgeous.

So, yes. Go ahead, and paint. Maybe since they are kitchen cabinets and get a lot of use, you should use a top coat on that hardware when done. Or, just keep a couple of extra cans of spray paint in the basement for touch ups.

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Try some Rub 'n Buff first. It's available at craft stores, for which you can always get a coupon.
It's supposed to work on metal, whereas metal that gets high use would probably wear off.

BTW. Bee.
Really nice dresser. Quite a statement. Not surprised at that in your house!

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that's a beeee-autiful dresser indeed! :) i've painted furniture and accessories right out of the store too, so i don't know why cabinet hardware would give me pause. haha

and CEFreeman, i love rub n buff, but i want a matte black finish, so that didn't occur to me because i've only seen the metallic rub n buff carried locally. A quick search shows it does come in black! maybe i'll spray paint black for coverage and then finish with some black rub n buff for protection. i'm liking that plan!

gosh, i was looking to you all to prevent me from doing something silly and here you are encouraging me! :)

and in case anyone is searching on this topic... here's a great blog DIY project on spray painting black and then using copper rub n buff in order to create a DIY oil rubbed bronze finish.

Here is a link that might be useful: DIY Oil Rubbed Bronze finish cabinet hardware

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