Faucets for Kohler Stages 45"?

munkayaAugust 17, 2013

Hello! This is my first post to GW, although I have been quite the lurker while researching various aspects of my kitchen remodel. You all are so incredibly knowledgeable and helpful--thank you!

So I am going with the Kohler Stages 45" sink for my island (it was love at first sight really). I'm having trouble with the faucet selection and setup. The Kohler Karbon, while fabulous and functional, won't work for us (style isn't right plus more $$ than we want to spend). We won't have a water dispenser in the refrigerator, so I'd like to have one on the sink. So what I've been thinking is either:

1. Have a single faucet that has a reach long enough for the entire sink, plus a beverage faucet connected to the water filter (e.g., the Kohler Vinnata and the Kohler Wellspring).

2. Have a double faucet setup like the way the Stages sink often is shown with the 2 Karbon faucets but substitute different faucets. Add a water filter to the faucet on the prep side of the sink.

I am leaning towards #2 more--I like the idea of having filtered water from the faucet over the prep area for washing veggies and filling pots, etc. in addition to drinking water. Also, my husband and I often find ourselves needing the faucet at the same time (e.g., he's washing dishes and I need to prep veggies for dinner), so I think having two faucets on the sink would be very functional for us given that the sink is big enough for us to use it at the same time.

But I can't figure out which faucets to use that would be functional but not overwhelming in size. I think the Karbons look great with the Stages sink in large part due to how slim they are and how they are able to fold away. I know the Vinnata is a popular choice, but would 2 of them be too much? Given how deep the sink is, I could use 2 of the smaller Vinnatas that are meant for secondary sink, or maybe one of each size? Folks seem to like Delta, so I've been looking at their faucets with pull down sprayers as well.

Would appreciate any advice or ideas!

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Love the karbon.. Look at lauralincoln's karbon faucet with stages sink

older thread on Kohler Stages sink and faucet

Here is a link that might be useful: Lauralincoln's fabulous Kohler Stages+karbon

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I did see lauralincoln's Karbons--they look great! I wish the Karbon could work for us, but it won't fly due to the style of the kitchen. Thanks for the link!

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I'm not sure you need a filtered tap just for washing vegees. As you can see I have a hot water dispenser on mine that also dispenses non-heated water. I've plumbed RO water to this. I used to use it for drinks but I have a separate faucet for that in the wetbar. I mostly use the hot water to help clean things now or to warm ice cream scoops.
The Grohe Ladylux plus is a great faucet and the reach is fine for this BIG sink. While pricey, the hose and return mechanism on this unit is the best I've seen on a faucet, hence I bought one for this house as soon as we moved in, and its one of the few things that stayed during the remodel. I do have a Karbon in my prep sink, but I think I agree I wouldn't want it in the sink I wash dishes in. Its style is fairly contemporary. My kitchen is enough of a hybrid to pull it off though.

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Oh, your sink looks so nice, will2kz! I don't think I need water to wash veggies either but figured that if I were to have two faucets (a la Karbon) then I could plumb one with filtered water to reduce the number of holes in my counter. But I see that one faucet would work just fine, so maybe I should go the route of #1 in my original post...

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