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calyle7August 21, 2013

I would like some ideas on a back splash for Venetian Ice Granite (creams /taupe's/ chocolate and black) there are several variations in this but the one i have selected is a light creamy one instead of a gold one.
I will be getting Antique White (very creamy) Cabinets with oil bronze hardware and faucet.
I was thinking of a glass/stone back splash (Arcadia Juniper) just behind the stove the microwave is above it so not much space between the two for the tile to show, so I was also thinking of putting it under the 15inch cabinets above either side of the stove. The colors of the glass back splash is creams, chocolates touches of black and a little steel....looks good with the venetian Ice...but wonder if it's too much? The rest of the back splash I was thinking of using bead board painted chocolate. My other choice was to go with a chocolate and cream glass tile at Lowes (Item #: 291274) But after reading a lot about different back splashes and not competing with granite that has a lot of pattern I am wondering if i should just go with a solid color stone or brick that blends with the cabinets and granite? Any advise or ideas would be appreciated. I also need help with flooring. I do not want to do wood flooring, although I know this is extremely popular, neither do I want to do any hard surface such as ceramic, travertine, porcelain or slate. I have had two back surgeries and cannot stand on hard surfaces for any length of time. I am thinking of a floating laminate tile that looks like slate or random bricks and can be grouted if so desired, but doesn't have to be. Does anyone have an opinion on this or have used anything similar? Also wonder since the cabinets are a creamy antique white...should I go with a creamy floor color or perhaps a light chocolate slate color?
For now my appliances are black but will be getting stainless at a later time.
Thanks for any help or advise....

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PLEASE...will someone Help me with this?? I am New to posting but have been following this forum for a few months and have gleamed some great Ideas!! I posted my kitchen choices yesterday in a plea for some opinions.
If anyone would give me some help in choosing the back splash behind stove and under cabinets next to the microwave over stove.....Also thoughts on bead board for the rest of it??
Just wondering what you think will go with the Venetian Ice Granite counter tops (more cream than gold with chocolate and black)
Thanks to anyone who will Help me!

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Can you post pictures? Without seeing your granite, cabinet samples, and general layout, it's difficult to offer specific opinions. Your choices sound very pretty!

You've probably seen that there are lots of members of the ABB club on GW (all but backsplash). As appealing as it is to try and pick all of the finishes at once, many people find that once the major elements are in--cabinets, floor, counters, they have very different ideas about backsplash and what will really work.

I'm not familiar with the flooring you are asking about--hopefully others will weigh in. Based on what you are describing though, I wouldn't want a creamy white floor. I'd want something to contrast with the cabinets.

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Hi calyle,

Anne is correct, pictures of your existing choices will give GW members much more to work with. It's hard to visualize your kitchen from just the narrative. There is truth to the old saying "a picture is worth a thousand words", at least in this context. You will get lots of guidance here if you give us enough to work with! :)

One of the things I wonder about regarding your backsplash is the style of your kitchen, or the style you are working toward. The possibilities you mentioned bring very different sensibilities: glass and stone mosaic tends toward modern, while beadboard goes more traditional/farmhouse/cottage.

As far as the floor, you've given very clear (and good) rationale for not wanting ceramic or other stone tile. What is it about wood floors that you do not want? Given your need for resilience I would suggest looking into cork and linoleum flooring, and maybe reconsider wood. Also agree with Anne that you want some contrast in color between the floor and cabinets.

Good luck! Ruby

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Thanks to both of you..I will not be getting cabinets in for a few when I do...will then post pictures. The Granite or very similar to it can be found at:
The Cream Kitchen is my Dream Kitchen but mine is very small compared to that .....It is a U shape with only 9ft at the back of the U where the stove and over the range MW will be, I so wish I had the room to put the MW somewhere else and get a over-range hood, but not enough space) so looking at the LG with the Extenda Vent. The other two sides are 121" one side has the Ref and the other a Sink and DW,
Another pic that shows my sink with the Venetian Ice Granite:
I do like the dark wood floor in the first kitchen and wonder how laminate would look? I have a very old house and have refinished my floors in the living / dining room..they are a oak with a med dark stain. I can't match them, so thought it would be best to go entirely different. If I go with real wood and if budget allows may get wood and take it into the den, where the small snack bar area will be opened into.
I really don't know What type of kitchen it will turn out to be? But not Ultra modern for sure. The reason I mentioned about the glass tile behind the range and the rest in bead board is, my daughter did a complete kitchen re-model a few yrs ago and use stainless steel tile behind her gas stove along with a Stainless Hood and all SS appliance's and she did the bead board for the rest of her back splash and it looked beautiful. My appliance are black and will have to stay with that for awhile, but do plan to get SS when possible.
I am thinking of using oil bronze faucets, handles and knobs on cabinets and on my pendants.
Thank again for your opinions....will post pictures of the Old Kitchen I have worked in since 1983 and the work in progress and Finished New Updated Kitchen as time goes on.
Again many Wonderful Ideas on this Glad I found it!

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I still don't have pictures but will soon..
Please take a look at the links to my New Kitchen Remodel and let me know your thoughts. I have asked many Questions and appreciate any and all the help I can get! I am new here at GW..although I have been reading everything I could on here for a couple of months....this Forum is truly a Wealth of Knowledge and Help...and I am so thrilled to have found it!

This is looking into my Small U Kitchen AFTER the Remodel... ....Right now the stove is where the Dishwasher will be on the left side and the sink is where the stove will be. We are also closing up 24" of a 60" window over the sink on the right side (that looks out into an enclosed glassed entry porch) to accommodate the corner wall cabinet. The wall where the stove is now will be taken down from ceiling to floor and a 37" snack bar will be put there...this will help open the kitchen up to the small den. I will have one cabinet over the dishwasher for glasses, cups etc.
The Back Wall is 108" and the left wall including the bar is 127".... the right wall with the Ref is the same127".
The part of the kitchen not showing is the end wall with three windows and a very small table sitting in front of them. There is a very small pantry closet at one end of the table and on the other side a small short cabinet that I use to store potatoes and onions in the bottom doors and the top doors I keep snacks in. On top I just use decorative items. I have a hanging lamp over the table which will be changed out. My Entire Kitchen is 9 feet wide and 16 1/2 feet long.
I will also have frosted glass put into the two upper corner cabinets later.

This is the side we are removing the wall to accommodate the snack bar and open the kitchen up..this was our only choice..Would have liked to have opened the entire kitchen but because of very little wall space in the den couldn't do it. There will be a SS under mount sink and will be using oil rubbed bronze faucet to match the hardware on my Antique Cream Cabinets. I have a shelve with Crown Molding that matches the cabinets, going between the cabinets
on either sided of the window...BUT I don't know IF I want that look or had rather just leave it plain without anything. I do want a Pendant Hanging down over the sink and was told I could do that with the shelf if I wanted to...Just not sure How that will look? Please Help me here!

Ref side....I have 30"wide drawers for pots and pans. The other small 12" cabinet will either be drawers or a pull out. I can either put the pullout on left side of the stove
(cabinet in picture looks bigger than it really is next to the stove) and drawers next to Ref..Or switch them...Haven't decided yet..Any suggestions?
There is a Lazy Susan in the corner of this side and the right corner of the stove. There is also a 3" spice pullout next to the right side of the stove. I tried to use every inch of space I could!

Birdseye View

This is the layout and dimensions other than I decided against the blind cabinet (because the cabinet designer said it would be a very tight fit) and just went with either a pullout or drawers next to the left of the stove. I plan to have my cabinet guy open up the under sink cabinet right side where the corner space I can store things that I only use once or twice a yr.

My Cabinets are: Antique White (Creamy) Hardware will be Oil Rubbed Bronze as will my faucet.
The Granite I have choice is Venetian Ice which goes more towards the Creams, Chocolates and some black...instead of Gold. This is close to what it looks like.. But not as pretty as the slab I have choose.

I am going back to the Granite Yard next week to take one more look... I fell in love with a slab that was quite a bit more expensive, it is Bianco Romano and was absolutely beautiful but not sure if it is worth the difference.....will decide in a few days.
Since I am having to keep my black appliances for now ...will exchange for SS later the Venetian Ice will work well. Please give me your opinion.
I now have to choose my I said in another post Do Not want Tile or any Hard Surface...I have had two back surgeries and cannot bear the hardness underfoot. I am thinking of doing a good grade laminate tile ...But not sure of the color....Should I do a dark Cream or Darker?
I have thought about Wood...but can't do the wood on into the den and it would really need to be. I also have wood in the dining room that has a door into the is very old and would be hard to felt doing something different than wood would be the best?
I also have to decide on the ceiling, under cabinets, pendant and over table lighting. Colors for the wall and wood work....whether to put my white crown molding back up or leave it off? And once granite is decided on...The Back Splash....and on and on....but those choices will be done later.
My Kitchen is suppose to be started sometime the first week in Sept. First the demo and then the remodel. I am so Excited...we have lived in this old house for 30 yrs and it was built in the 50's. We have redone every room..but because I wanted the small Den made into a Lovely Vaulted Great room along with a Open Concept Kitchen and a basement underneath the new addition.. it just never happened. We kept putting it off for one reason or another....mostly budget.
Because of our age and health we have decided against the Full Blown Redo and have decided to make the old outdated kitchen with horrible cabinets that drawers are forever sticking,
into a kitchen that is Functional and one I can Enjoy and that is also Pretty. Once I post the pictures of Before/During and After....Everyone will understand where I am coming from for sure.
I don't know if this small novel will even download and post...So sorry for making it so long...But so looking forward to everyone's thoughts and idea. I am open for any and all the Help I can get! thanks
Thanks so much!

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So sorry the links aren't live..hopefully everyone can copy and paste and that will work??

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calyle7, I could not get anny of your links to open except the one that is your granite. If you read the link I posted below it should help you figure out how to include picture in your posts. You will get a lot more responses if you have the pictures posted.
Good luck with your remodel.
Here is your granite:

Here is a link that might be useful: posting pictures

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OK..I am going to try and post the pictures in the order they were talked about in my previous post. Sorry but the last one with dimensions is not plain. Hopefully this will help show what I was trying to explain in the previous post.
Thanks so much to buehl for giving me the instructions....truly appreciate it!

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