Wallpaper must be "out" again,

mtnrdredux_gwDecember 16, 2013

since I'm using it.

A question. I am putting wallpaper in the LR. When you walk into the LR, you see the staircase, open banister on one side, wall on the other.

I will wallpaper the wall opposite the open banister, but how about the top of the stairs? eg how far do you go? When you walk into the LR, straight ahead is the stairs and you can see the landing. So I am thinking you do paper the landing wall.


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You can:

1) not paper the wall with the closed stringer (the wall where the stair treads die into it), stopping the paper at the bottom inside corner of the steps wall , or the wall opposite the bottom step (I don't remember if that landing turns)

2) paper the wall with the closed stringer all the way to the second floor and have it die into that corner at the top of the stairs.

3) add a piece of trim that corresponds with the height of the crown moulding around the ceiling of the living room that divides the wall with the closed stair stringer and wallpaper up to that. In essence, the wallpaper stops at "ceiling height" in a horizontal line halfway up the steps.

None of these are incorrect. I tend to consider the corner at the top of the stairs a secondary corner and a good place to make the change, IF the wall paper seems like it will ascend the stairs nicely. Every once in a while the diagonal on the stairs will bring out a different diagonal in the wallpaper pattern where I don't like their interaction.

Picture of parent's house: wallpaper stops on stairway wall with the closed stringers at the bottom of the steps because the upstairs hall is papered and this corner was the secondary corner. (It stops over the door toward the middle of the photo). In your case, since the LR is papered I would stop it this way at the top:

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I also agree with #2 in pal's post.

Glad to see you are using wallpaper, by the way. Had a discussion with someone from a manufacturer last week. They now guarantee that their wallpaper will come off in a full sheet. So much has changed since the dreaded old style papers that so many of us spent so many hours removing, sliver by sliver.

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Hello, Pal,

Thanks for your thoughtful reply on what I worried was a mundane question.

Here is a photo of the staircase and landing. Sorry it is from the side instead of head on. When you walk in to the front door, you walk in to the LR, and you continue to walk straight you go right up these stairs.

I have labelled four possible areas of discussion in the photo below.

Area 1, you mentioned adding a trim piece at the height of the LR ceiling. I neglected to get a shot from the right vantage point to assess that. Next time I go I need to take photos of each wall in each room! I think I will paper all of that wall,though.

As for the next area, my biggest question is wall 2, again, it is straight ahead at the top of the stairs so very visible (ignore barely visible heat vent which is being replaced).

I don't want to do wall 3, since then I would feel as though I need to keep going on and on with it.

And wall 4 is the back staircase, normally not in view except when this door is left open.

Would you do wall 2?

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I am pretty sure I would do 1 and 2 in this case, and stop it in that corner back there. I am assuming there is a corner around where the 4 is.

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I agree with Pal, 1 and 2. Back stairs are usually treated less formal than front stairs, so I wouldn't worry with that wall.

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I would do wall 2, also. It is so close to the wall over the secretary desk, and, as you said, very visible from the entry.

Just finished having some paper put in our foyer--I love it! The wallpaper places around here are sad, dusty ghost towns but I think it is making a gentle comeback. There are some lovely papers out there. I saw a whole main level done in the most gorgeous zinc-colored grass cloth recently. It was perfectly perfect.

Looking forward to seeing what you have chosen!!

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I rarely post here but this caught my eye as I've been looking for some wallpaper to replace what I currently have in a couple high traffic areas. Whether it's out or not I want it because I'm sick to death of scuffed walls that get scuffed immediately after I paint!!

Looking for wallpaper was a disappointing and frustrating experience. The selection is so paltry compared to the last time I bought it (20+ years ago). Not sure yet what I'm going to do.

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I would do #1 but not #2 or further. Open staircases are always a problem. Once you do the back wall (2) i think it will look unfinished if you don't keep on.

We are dealing with this in our basement, putting exterior siding on one wall partly to obviate question of where to change wall color!

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Annie Deighnaugh

I would do just 1. When you are on the landing, you're already out of the LR.

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See, I don't really agree with the last two posts. 2 wall is a part of the same wall as that right over the secretary and it completes part of the shape of the room delineated by the intersection of (the continuation of )1.

Maybe, if the screen above the spindles separates the wall completely from that above the secretary, doing 2 isn't necessary, but since you look right at it from the entry and it is within the rectangular boundaries of the LR, I think it is more important to have the necessary but imperfect transition not in the middle of the wall there, but at a lesser corner partly screened by the railings and such.

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See if its feasible for the paperer to leave wall 2 to do last, then decide. (They could text a phone pic to you??) Will probably look just fine either way.

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Thanks, everyone.

Annie, KSWL, I'm actually glad that reasonable people disagree! It means I wasn't off base to be questioning it myself.

Pal, Allison, Shanghaimom, Gibby,
I was leaning toward wallpapering wall 1&2, and I think i will do that. Part of the reason is that the wallpaper is cheery and upbeat (to me) and the house needs as much of that as it can get.

By the way, Gibby, I know what you mean. It is hard to find wallpaper. So much of what is out there is, I think, for the people who never stopped wallpapering; they are designs that have been around for decades if not centuries (literally true for some patterns). Which is fine, but not what I want.
I want something that makes my fuddy-duddyesque house look a little more up to date.

You may want to try Spoonflower, but you will wade through thousands and thousands of ideas. No idea of the quality, but I like the fact that they "show" it to you on the wall.

The Wallpaper I am using is in the link below. I have done a very sorry job of pasting it into photos of my room. PLEASE AVERT YOUR EYES IF YOU ARE HIGHLY SENSITIVE TO INCOMPETENCE. I don't have Photoshop so I did it in Word, lol. I would get Photoshop but then, as my daughter says, they would never see me again.

My mock up. Please do not mock it. : )
The elements I am using are: the wallpaper, the drapes, and the various blue fabrics, set off by creamy off white.

Here is a link that might be useful: Using this wallpaper and copying some elements

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Sooo nice! And what a lovely inspiration room, too.

You cannot go wrong with Blue and White.

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Thank you ShanghaiMom. I think for someone accustomed to decorating with White and OffWhite, Blue and White is still in the comfort zone. I was thinking of adding in a dreaded "pop" color before, but now I think I want just blue, almost any shade, and creamy off white. Baby steps.

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That's a great mock up! I would only paper what you have in the "mock" but I would buy a couple extra rolls to have in case the spirit moves you to climb the stairs. As much as we try to preplan and envision once something is installed it brings fresh perspective.
I may be so bold as to suggest a "blue" paint on the walls climbing the stairs. Are you doing a stair runner?
Not to highjack, but thanks for the photo of your stairs.
We're doing a 'new' farmhouse and I had to "dig in' about putting the newel posts on the diagonal and couldn't find photos of an old house with one diagonally placed to show my DH. Ours are installed. On the diagonal. Thanks for the photo.
Back to wall paper. Since you have that grid above the railing on the first landing, IMO it stops one's eye from expecting the same décor as what is in the LR. A chance to do something different but similar for the stair case.
Honestly I believe I have lived in your house in a former life.....

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Great wallpaper and fabrics, I love the all blue and off white scheme! I am seeing visions of Blue Willow dance in my head...much better than sugar plums! Your "pop"---and oh, how I loathe that word--- is the dark woodwork. It provides needed relief from the soothing monochromatic.....it's a foil and anchor for the prettiness of the blue and cream. If you need another color, wear a pink or orange sweater in the room!

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Thank you.
That newel post on the diagonal takes up space! It has killed off the sofa I wanted!
I am trying to think about what it means that you think I lived there in another life ...

Thank you. I like your point; the dark wood as a foil for the prettiness. Perfect. Oh and I am thinking it will not surprise you know that I do not own a pink or orange article of clothing. : )

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Yes, I had an idea that you might have a wardrobe of linen, black and white, lol!

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How pretty! I was upset that you didn't show us.... :)

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Annie Deighnaugh

I really like the wallpaper...it adds such cheer to the somber wood. I think the blue and ivory are perfect for the space and the location.

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Holly- Kay

I adore the blue and white! I am having so much fun watching you pull this all together. My fuddi-duddiness is living vicariously through your new and fresh vision! I love it!

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Mtn'dux, you can't go wrong with the blue/ white combo, sort of traditioal with a twist in choosing an ikat rather than any of the other classic patterns. Sure makes the dark woodwork come to life(I won't say *pop* lol)!

By BFF lives in a historic house with the exact wainscoting/wood trim, but it's all been painted white. It's good to know there is a *successful* option that won't discredit the charm of the home if you ever do decide to paint. Can't wait to see the completion of all the rooms! I have beach house envy.

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Thanks, Lori, Annie, Holly, and Patty.

I have gone through at least 3 iterations on this room, and this one feels the best to me. As a friend said, instead of walking in the room and thinking "why didn't she paint it white", she thinks people will walk in the room and think "gee i wish I had dark woodwork like this"!

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