Fix wall? Don't fix wall? Before tile backsplash!

AlexPDLAugust 27, 2013

OK here goes...after living in this house for over 5 years we noticed that the wall in the kitchen shifts OUT. Vertically it is flat and the outward shift occurs over a 3 foot distance. In the attached pic it kinda starts at that left outlet and continues to the end of wall. You can barely make out the laser...but throught that 3 foot section it moves out about an inch.

I am tempted to leave it as is. I dont think it will effect the group lines for the tile. They are small tile (about 3/4 inch by 4 inches).

Is it a sin to just leave the wall as is? Part of me wants to fix it, tear out that section of drywall, add wood to the 2x4's and replace the drywall. The new drywall will have to sit on top of the new quartz counter. But the whole thing would get covered by the tile.

Thoughts? Tear our or leave as is. Like I said, we hadn't noticed it all these years. :-)

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If it is noticeable, fix it. If not, leave it. Seeing as you hadn't noticed that issue till now, it is probably safe to leave it, as long as it will not pose a problem with laying the tile. Tile can accentuate imperfections in the wall, depending on its size.

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Only you can answer that question. Is it going to bug you for years if you don't fix it? Some people just like to know that things are perfect, regardless of whether the flaws are visible or not. My husband would have to fix the wall, I would be quite content to leave as is.

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Are you sure it's drywall?

Sounds to me like it's plaster.

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I would think if your counters were templated and installed to makeup for this difference you should be ok. I would ask the personnel at a trusted tile shop before ripping it out.

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Thank all! This is all very helpful. Yes, its drywall 3/4 inch...I took some out when the old granite came out.

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