Furniture arrangement.. putting in front of a window ok? (pics)

ash8177December 15, 2011

Are their any unwritten rules about putting furniture in front of a window? I'm trying to find a better furniture arrangement in my oldest dd's room but any arrangement other then what I had originally means putting either her bed or dresser chest in front of the window. The bed wouldn't be so bad if it could be centered but there isn't enough space for that without blocking her dresser drawers. Also I have been promising her a canopy from RH she likes and that probably won't look right in front of the window once I hang curtons.

Here is where I'm at now..

Any suggestions?

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is there room in the closet for one of the chests? If she is young, her clothes may still hang above one if it's not too tall. Then you'd have lots more choices about the bed.

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I don't like the look of it in front of the window. Do you have enough room to put that tall chest on an angle between the window and the wall on the right? Then put the head of the bed and nightstand against the longer wall.

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Could you put her chest on the left side of the window and her bed along the wall where her chest is now....night stand would be in front of the window? If the chest would fit in the closet, it would be ideal...then you could put her bed (head where the chest is now) on the longer wall.

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Their is a desk that goes with the set that I used to have in front of the window.. and I had the tall chest in the closet, but I switched them because it didn't leave a lot of room for her chair and I just didn't like how it looked. I may have to go back to that though.

Here is chickadee2's suggestion:

grandmaof3.. I'll try your suggestion.

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You have a lot of furniture for such a small room.

Would this work ... tall dresser in the closet, desk in front of the window, shorter dresser where the tall one is now, and bed where the shorter dresser is now?

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grandmaof3, there isn't enough room for the chest on the left.. it would block the closet.

I could put the chest back in the closet AND keep the desk in there too, but she wouldn't be able to open one drawer of her desk(not huge). That would probably look best even if it isn't ideal.

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Have you considered draping the whole wall where the window is located? That way it would not matter if the bed was centered or not. Maybe sheers with a color matched blind in the window.


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How about bed under window - but turned so long side of bed is under window. Night table floating in front. Tall bureau on wall to right of entry door, and low dresser on wall across from closet. (Or maybe switch the bureau/dresser depending on what fits better.)

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Okay, she has a good-sized closet, so does she really need both the tall bureau and the low dresser in her room?? Just trying to think of a solution. Seems like you just have too much furniture for the room. I can't imagine she needs that more storage for her clothes...

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What about the chest and dresser side by side on either wall; the headboard would be sort of where the dresser is, or where the chest is, with the night stand between the bed and wall with the window? Enough room either scenario? (I absolutely would not put the chest at an angle, and BTW would put the bed in front of the window if I liked it there best, in a heartbeat. I've had a bed in front of a window more than once, including now, and like it.)

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How about catty corner the bed, put the dresser catty corner on the other side, the deck between (this would be on the long wall, and the side table under the window beside the bed. If not, I would put the bed in front of the window for sure, maybe catty corner the tall dresser in the corner and leave the rest like you had in the first pic. Pretty stuff in that room!

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I had thought there was more room between the short dresser and the corner when I made my suggestion. It looks too cluttered with everything so close together. I think I would put the tall dresser back in the closet to free up some space and put the nightstand in its place. Or I would follow Natal's suggestion and switch the shorter dresser and bed. Tall dresser again in the closet. I wasn't crazy about the view into the room in your original picture. There seemed to be a lot of empty wall space along that long wall. I thought a four poster bed would look nice there as you peeked in the room. The shorter wider dresser with the mirror would probably work too. I just can't tell how much clearance you'll have with the bed right as you come in the room.

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I love having my bed in front of the window, room is small too. It is on an angle to watch the stars at night. And her window is high enough to add pillows across the length for a comfy place in the daytime.

Also have a short dresser in a closet half your size. There is still room on each side for better clothes. Plus a wood hanging unit which fits over the main pole, doubles the amount of of available room. I use these for slacks, jeans, etc. Whoever came up with this hanger got the measurements right on for double storage.

Are you married to the furniture? Painting to match walls or even a soft white. Would open up the feeling of room.

If you put the bed long ways under the window, both dressers could be set on the wall across. Use the shorter dresser near the door. Her desk on the other wall.

I too think there is one too many pieces in the room also. If you can get rid of one it would give you so much more for arrangement. Any piece of furniture can be used for a multiple choices in another area. Even using the tall dresser drawers under her bed.

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Is the long dresser too tall to go under the window?

I agree with others that I would take one of the dressers out of the room. Having the tall one in the closet is a good idea. I've done dressers in closets several times.

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You didn't mention the age of your DD but I'm just going to throw out a totally different idea, one that I would have done if I was a teen again. I would remove the closet doors on the right side and put my bed coming out from there, making it a little more of a private area, maybe with a small curtain for a faux wall in the closet, a light on the inside, an area to read and talk on the phone. My mother had quite a time with my decorating!

Or, I would put the long dresser under the window and hang that mirror or another above the tall chest.

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I would try the long dresser under the window-night stand on the left of the bed and play with the tall dresser either angeled on the right side of the room or try it where you have the long dresser currently.

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Since you said you might buy a new bed, maybe consider a day bed in front of window (long ways, not head at window)? I know it's not the canopy bed she likes, but there may be day beds with canopies. It's such a small room and having the bed stick out into the room makes it look even smaller.

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I had the same idea... place the bed longways under that window, and then instead of a canopy, do some draping that includes the window -- sort of like:

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Ooo.. love the day bed idea!

I put the tall dresser back in the closet and we have decided to take the desk out of the room. She never sits at it willingly anyway! She'd rather do her school work pretty much anywhere other then her desk! And the tall dresser, we use it for her craft stuff. She knits, sews, crochets, scrapbooks, cross stitches and makes jewelry. And we don't have a craft room so she needs that storage.

I have wanted to get in there and move things around today but circumstances haven't allowed. :( Maybe I can try some of these suggestions this evening. I'll share pics and see what you all think. :)

Thanks so much for the help so far. You guys are great!

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when i was a teen i would have loved a hidden bed inside the closet, complete with draping,tons of pillows and shelves with great lighting.

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Dh suggested putting the head of the bed in the closet too but she is only 8. She has her dollhouse and other little girl toys stored in her closet that would be all over her room if I did that. Something to keep in mind for the future though! :)

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This may have been mentioned, but do you have room to put the chest on the wall with the dresser, then put the head of the bed where the chest was?

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Just my two cents...
We had my chest of drawers like your second pic by the west window.
Now ten plus years later the finish on the two sunny sides is completely ruined. My hubbies was out of the sun and looks brand new.

I just moved and with difficulty put my waterbed sideways to the window like the day bed idea. I have a great view of the stars on clear nights and a great view. I did leave about a foot for a register and to access the curtains on the six foot wide window. I think it looks amazing. My dtr thinks I have the best bed in the house.
I made a headboard and covered it with the curtain fabric. Just bought extra curtains to use for it.

We had day beds for me and kids,we all now prefer a regular bed to a daybed. Daybeds aren't that comfy to sit in,and not as easy to change the sheets. All the pillows end up tripping you as they are usually on the floor not the bed, and my kids prefer to be on the floor than a seat at least until hs age.

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Did you get a chance to try other arrangements?

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Yes.. I just haven't had a chance to take pictures. Dd and I both like the daybed in front of the window idea. The only thing is I don't like the daybeds I'm seeing. They are flimsy looking and don't hold a box spring. I would like to find a regular twin frame but with 3 sides like a daybed has. I'm trying to think of a way to build my own.

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My cousin made daybeds for her girls by putting small matching bookcases at the head and foot of their beds. They padded the back side of the bookcases and covered the padding with fabric--I think they used flat sheets that matched the girls' bedding. Their dad attached the bookcases to the bedframes somehow, so that they could lean on them and not have anything move. Added a lot more storage, too.

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The only time I have seen a bed under a window that I thought looked nice was when they made the drapes almost look like a headboard. The drapes were dramatic and oversized for the window. I think the room was actually longer than yours and I think that helped too.

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