help with pantry design

housebuilder14August 10, 2014

So I am going to have a long but narrow pantry -- approximately 6x13. I'd like to have a second fridge in this pantry. We will also probably have a wine refrigerator in there.

But back to the second fridge -- I don't want to spend a lot of money for a fully integrated. Counterdepth ok or will I just not have enough room to get around? I was thinking if I have it at the end instead of along the long wall then I don't have to worry about not having room to open it.
What do you think?


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My walk in pantry is 6x9 and that's what I did.

I got a side by side fridge and it is more or less centered on the back wall so there is room to open both sides all the way.

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thanks! i am assuming if you don't have an ice maker or water dispenser you don't need a waterline -- just electrical,

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That is correct. I do have an ice maker and water in mine but I built my pantry where my old sink used to be so I do have water for it.

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would you mind posting a pic?

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You have to pinky swear not to judge!!

Our project has been complete DIY so my pantry doesn't have the actual counter and proper shelves in it, right now it is just the fridge hooked up with cheapo shelf units set in there from Home Depot to store everything.

Eventually, we will build base cabs, put a countertop and have proper shelving above and pull out bins below for things like potatoes, onions, etc.

Also, the pic is kinda wonky looking but accurate. I tried a straight shot but it didn't give an accurate view so I took a fish eye pic.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I'm completely envious of your large pantries, housebuilder14 and Texas_Gem!

My pantry is small - 42" x 7' - with a solid door. I notice that the temp in my pantry will often be several degrees warmer or cooler than the kitchen, most noticeably in winter (obviously cooler) and summer (warmer). Cooler is fine but warmer is not a good thing. It's a relatively easy fix; I leave the pantry door open so that cool air from the A/C or from open windows can circulate in the pantry and push the warmer air out.

If you've ever closed an HVAC vent in a room and then closed the door to that room, you'll understand what I'm talking about.

You'll likely experience some heat build-up from the fridge in your pantry. Talk to your GC to see if you need to take steps to avoid large temp fluctuations.

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Lisa brings up a good point. My pantry is where my sink and stove used to be in my old kitchen.

Thanks to the wisdom of the good folks here on GW, it was recommended that, since I would have a fridge, which generates heat, I would want HVAC running to my pantry so I actually modified the area to keep the original kitchen vent going in.

Originally my pantry was gonna be 9x5, we moved the wall over a foot so we wouldn't have to re-run HVAC.

So glad I did too! I can't imagine it being 9x5,WITH a fridge now.

Don't get me wrong, 9x5 is a HUGE space, but once you put a standard sized fridge in it, it seems to drastically shrink.

Since your room is going to be 117 sq. ft., which is approaching the size of a normal bedroom in the U.S. and the room will not only be used for storing perishibles but will also house, possibly TWO appliances which generate heat, make sure you have a vent going to that room.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Sophie Wheeler

With a fridge in there, you have just taken up all of your room. If it's on the long wall, you won't have room for good storage on the other long wall. Even a counter depth fridge is around 31'' with the handle projection. That wil leave you 41'' in which to walk and store stuff. If it's on the short wall, the door swing will interfere with storage, and it will be VERY difficult to maneuver into place. Plus, you will need a 36'' door to be able to get a fridge in and out, thus taking up even more space.

Do you not have another location for a secondary fridge? Like the laundry area? Or just design the pantry to be larger.

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