outdoor tables made with granite scrap

donaleenAugust 8, 2012

Our installer will cut the leftover granite to any shape we want for whatever use. We are thinking small tables for using outside. Has anyone done that?

I don't want anything too heavy to move so we are thinking no more than three square feet. We have one of the world's smallest back yards so everything needs to be movable. Wheels on the tables are a possibility.

Comments? Ideas? Photos?

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How heavy is the granite per square? We use an old grinding wheel for an outdoor table top and I just set it on an iron base from something. It's heavy enough that it isn't going anywhere and if I have to move it I can take the thing apart.
Moving really heavy stuff is crappy, though, as in for mowing. If it's on grass, the weight might sink wheels into the ground but maybe that'd work on a hard surface.

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My husband says he thinks it weighs about 17 lbs per sq ft. It won't be on grass but our yard is more an outdoor room than a back yard. We move stuff around all the time and have to. We can put wheels on the tables, which makes it easier.

Still, I think three square feet, which with the weight of the table (John will build that) will probably be 60 pounds.

It could be great. I am unsure.

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I always thought that would be fun to do with a stone scrap. If you do it, please post pics!

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When they remodeled, my brother had his sink cut-out cut to be used as a sideboard for his large Big Green Egg cart. He says he loves it as it provides a large clean surface for whatever he is cooking. The cart is on wheels and a hard surface patio, so like deedles said, it is going to be heavy if you want to move it.

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I found this in a web search. I like the design. Our granite will be thicker. These tables are 2 feet by 2 feet. That is larger than I have in mind.

Here is a link that might be useful: granite topped table

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A couple of years ago I was taking woodworking classes at the local community college. The assignment one semester was to make something with at least one door and one drawer. One of the women in the class made a night stand with the requisite door and drawer and used a piece of scrap granite for the top. It was fabulous! I think using up your leftovers for patio tables is a great idea.

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be very careful here. Tables with granite tops are top heavy and thus have to have a very stable base in order to not be a dangerous foot breaker.

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Yes, top heavy for sure. That's why I set that big heavy grinding wheel on an iron base with a wide spread. I think it was from an old table saw or drill or something industrial like that.
What about a round of log with wheels on the bottom and granite on the top? That should be sturdy enough and you could even hollow out the middle to lighten it a bit. You could chisel the edge of the granite for a more 'outdoorsy' look...? Just some free-form thoughts...

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Like the one guy in the middle, but of course proportionate to your top.

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Well, that is cool looking. I am sure DH will build the tables. That is right up his alley. On the other hand, he has built a few tables that were meant for outdoors but are too nice to put outdoors.

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