range hood vents down, is that wrong?

lab-ratAugust 18, 2012

Hi all, nor sure if this is the correct forum for this post but you can direct me if it's not. We bought this new house almost 2 years ago and the Tarion warranty will run out soon. Not sure if this is against code but the exhaust fan above our stove is vented down into the basement and out the side of the house. The fan does not draw well...probably because it has to draw the air down after going through many angles...so we replaced it with a more powerful fan. It still doesn't draw well and the basement always smells like cooking odours when it is on. I'm sure hot air wants to rise so it doesn't make sense. Not sure if this is to code or not. We live in Ontario Canada. Thanks for any help or suggestions.


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I can't tell you what is cods or not, don't know what a Tarion warranty is, but you smell cooking odors in the basement because you get fumes and grease drawn downward and will tend to settle along the way. You are right --t eh fan has to try to overcome the natural rising nature of fumes, steam, anything heated. You could also have a buildup of grease, dust or other muck in that line. It will continue to get worse. Has it ever been cleaned out? At some point, that can become a fire hazard. I would have it looked at, and if it were me, I'd get it changed, whether it was on my nickel or someone else's. It is not going to get better.

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Thanks for the reply. A Tarion warranty is a new house warranty that lasts 2 years against house defects and up to 7 years on other defects like foundation issues. I looked at the warranty and couldn't find anything about venting the range hood so I don't think this is covered, especially since there are some vents on ranges that are specifically made as down drafts. I'm not sure we can change the configuration the way the kitchen is laid out. The wall in the kitchen that the stove is on is only a partial wall and doesn't go all the way up to the vaulted ceiling. I appreciate your response.

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