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hobokenkitchenAugust 10, 2012

We went for our layout on Saturday last weekend, found out our island has a large fissure which delayed installation and had to drive down to look at it yesterday (an hour each way) and now I just got an email saying that the L piece needs a seam.

I am unimpressed. Shouldn't this have been gone through at layout? They are saying it is too big.

The L is 89" x 68". Is that too big for one piece? I need to know if it's possible for them to do it or if it's reasonable for them to do an additional seam.


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Let me clarify - you were planning on the L which is 89x68 to be one piece, no seam? Or are they now proposing an additional seam that you didn't expect?

I'm just a layperson, but it seems to me that it would be pretty likely that they would need a seam somewhere in that even if for no other reason than for the safety of those who are moving and installing. That's a heck of a large piece that would need to be maneuvered and granite cutouts, steps, doorways, ceiling heights, etc. all factor into their decisions on when they need to seam.

Every fabricator I talked with said that they want as FEW seams as possible, not just because aesthetically it's nicer, but also because sears are a lot of extra work for them and it's the area where they get the most complaints.

Our fabricator (who is one of the owners) gave us some ideas on where we might have seams when we selected our stone, but said that the final decision would occur when the templater came out to do exact measurements and got back into the office.

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It's an extra seam we weren't expecting. On the layout is was done in one piece.

Just wish we had been able to see where it was going to go and how they were going to cut it.

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I had to pay extra for doing the island in one piece since it is so big and it required more manpower not only to deliver but to fabricate. Ask if it fits on the slab, can you pay extra for the extra manpower.

My island is 10+' x 4+'. With a trick sink cut out on the corner that they were worried about during installation/transportation...but that is why they carried it in vs rolling it in.

Sorry this happened.

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I would definitely ask why it needs the seam you weren't expecting. There may be a good/valid reason. Or it may be just like what was going on for Bee's slab - need more manpower than is typical, and you might "want" to pay a little more for an extra person during install than have a seam for the life of the kitchen.

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When you say you wish you'd been able to see where it would go, is that because they already cut it without your approval? Often there are a couple of options for where the seam is, and the owner gets to pick. Like, could the seam be in the middle of the sink? That would still give you an L shaped piece, but the seam would be very small. If they haven't done anything yet, can you go back in and see where the seam will be and approve the template layout? I realize it isn't easy with the baby.

Andrea's right. When my fabricator did the template, he and I discussed where the seams would be. Then I helped him lay it out on the slabs, so I knew exactly what the seams would look like. This is one time where the vendor and the buyer have the same goal: the fewest, smallest seams possible.

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Last Saturday we discussed that the seam would be at the back of the sink and went to some lengths to ensure that the colors would work. I have no idea why there is suddenly another seam needed.

I am becoming jaded because I suspect the reason is that they have given us a discount for the fissure issue that we had to drive down to look at yesterday (and we had some trouble with our vanity install also), and now this. I wonder if they are making up the discount by cheaping out in manpower hence the suddenly needed seam.
I don't know when I became this suspicious. : (

I have told them how fussy I am, so I don't understand why they would think I would be ok with a seam in an undisclosed location that I don't know how they plan to cut it. These are things I want to know.

There is pretty much no way for us to get down there again without delaying install yet again for yet another week.

I am trying not to lose my sense of humor over this but it is getting really hard.

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Obviously they templated it. They should have been able to tell you EXACTLY where the seams were needed. I was unable to have my L shape because the piece was going to be too large. I have 3cm slab and they said the weight with my hangover would add too much stress and COULD pose an issue. They also said that the manpower to carry it in would be too much for such a large piece. (In order to get into my kitchen from ANY entrance, stairs are involved). I chose a dark granite with uniform design, so i knew the extra seams would blend in and be fine. If I had a granite with a lot of movement, I'd have possibly asked for alternatives. Have they already cut it? If not, can they put your templates back on and draw a line with grease pen as to where the seam would go as well as possible alternatives?

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Could they take a pic of the template on the stone to show you where they want to add the extra seam and then send it to you? Maybe you could avoid another drive with the baby. (I did almost anything to avoid driving in the car when my kids were newborns as they screamed their little heads off from the moment they were strapped in until the moment they got out.)

I'd be suspicious also.

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I asked for photos. So far no response. : (

Honestly I think they think we're being very difficult by not taking a slab from their new lot which they think is very similar (and I think is nowhere near as nice) and asking for a discount to accept the other slab. It just seems like remarkable timing for this to come up especially after we've just been there twice and the perimeter slab was already cut when we went on Thursday! Now suddenly they realize there's a seam needed? On the other hand it is a big piece so maybe it is necessary and I'm just being suspicious. Still wish they would have said so we could see where it would go!

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Hoboken, I am so sorry for your troubles. Please stick to it and make sure you get what you want! Hopefully you are nearing the end of your remodel and will soon be enjoying a beautiful new kitchen. I really do not know why people can't just do what they are supposed to! No one seems to care when it's not their own home. Good luck to you!

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I'm so sorry that you're having any further issues with your remodel! Especially after your GC experience, I think you're very correct to be suspicious of this sudden ''need'' for a seam that was never mentioned before as a way to make up for their discount.

Or, perhaps someone else is offering them more money for the slab. If the fabricator comes back with the idea that one of the other slabs could be done *without* a seam for the L (because your slab suddenly has 'X' issue), then I think the suspicions should escalate into warning bells.

While I too would be loathe to give them more money, Bee and Andrea have a good idea about paying some more for manpower, just to get it done. But how much more? Maybe Bee and Andrea would have an idea??

Again so sorry about yet another issue, and good luck!

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Yes, they should give you pictures at the very least (skype or facetime videoconferencing would be even better). and definitely an explanation that makes sense to you.

I am sorry that you have to deal with this. One vendor being incompetent and problematic may be expected, but two is just unfair.

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