Chrome faucet cleaning tip

franksmom_2010December 4, 2012

I discovered this by accident. All of our faucets are chrome, and we have soft water that leaves deposits on the finish. I used Kaboom cleaner (CLR or some other mineral-removing product would work, too) and a nonscratch Scotchbrite pad to get the mineral crust off.

Then, use polish meant for glass cooktops (I used MAAS brand) to polish and buff with a soft cloth. The polish is mildly abrasive, and has silicone, so it resists water marks and fingerprints.

I did the kitchen faucet this morning, and I swear, it looks like new. No scratches, no water marks!

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Don't you love shiny faucets? I do and I use Windex or Glass Plus....spritz on and wipe with a paper towel. To get the lime water deposits off, I wrap a vinegar soaked cloth around the faucet and leave it for a few hours. Then sprintz and wipe.

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Thanks for the tip! I think you mean hard water - hard water has high levels of minerals and leaves limescale deposits.

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