Looking for Feedback on Layout for Vacation Home Kitchen

MarinaGalAugust 12, 2012

Hi all,

This is my first GW post. I have spent lots of time over the past several months reading and learning in preparation for a new kitchen at our summer/vacation home. I greatly appreciate the time and effort people put into this and other forums and hope to be able to do the same!

Here is a little about us and our home:

- we are a family of 4 with frequent summer visitors

- we grill a lot out back, but I love to cook inside as well

- home is used mostly in the summer but also on weekends off season

- our home is a mostly one-story, rambling Cape Cod-style and the new kitchen will be at the center of house

- the house has a nice water view to the back of the house

I have sketched a preliminary floor plan (attached below) for our new kitchen and dining area and would appreciate feedback on its functionality. Here is a little about our proposed new space:

- our architect has drawn plans that allow for a combined kitchen and dining room of about 20ft x19ft plus a 12ft x 2ft additional bump-out for the dining area; the kitchen area will be about 20ft x 12ft

- there is a necessary pass-through between the kitchen and dining areas on the floor plan below (the location of the pass-through cannot change)

- with the exception of bringing in groceries (which will occur from the entry/mudroom shown to the left of the kitchen on the plan below), everything we do in the kitchen is oriented toward the back yard and the water. This includes grilling, eating outdoors, and heading to the beach/water to play.

- I tried to strategically locate everything that needs to be easily accessible to the back yard: pantry, fridge, closet for towels and outdoor things, and alcohol/drink station

- I decided to locate the main sink on the island b/c of the water view and to minimize distance to the sink from the back yard and dining area.

- My goal was to create a defined prep zones that non-cooks wouldn't need to come near

- Although not indicated on the diagram due to lack of space, this kitchen must have a defined "sandwich-making zone" which would be on the island across from the fridge/pantry. I spend half my life down here making sandwiches!

My initial layout sketch below is not very detailed with respect to storage, and I am not sure I will have much in the way of upper cabinets - possibly none on the back wall where the range is located. I tried to think through the locations of main appliances and zones, and any feedback and suggestions on this first pass are appreciated.

I could not for the life of me figure out how to make this layout plan larger. I hope it is legible.



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It looks very efficient while taking advantage of the view.

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Hi, MarinaGal. It looks wonderful in so many ways. It's going to be a lovely room.

If it were mine, I think I'd try to have the cleanup less up front and center, maybe laid out somewhere in that corner bounded by prep sink and fridge. The pantry and/or refrigerator, if they both stayed there, would do a good job of screening any backed up work. Then I'd prep facing people and view and alongside the stove as needed. But then I not infrequently have backed up work. :)

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I love the concept of your design! It really sounds so well thought out. The general layout reminds me of the HGTV dream home from this past year. It was a mountain view, but the idea was similar and if you have not seen it, you might enjoy taking a look. I have only two ideas to suggest.
I, personally would need a trash pullout in the immediate vicinity of the dishwasher and main sink. I would not want to dribble across the floor to discard the stuff I wipe out of the sink drain basket.
I am a little picky about smells, and am not sure about your other trash area being below the oven - bacteria grows quickly in warmth.
Best of luck, and may your family have great joy in your new vacation get away kitchen.

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Thanks for the feedback!
Rosie, I have gone back and forth on the wisdom of having my main sink in the island. I won't like the sight of dirty dishes stacked, although I have to say I am good about washing up quickly. The dilemma is where I would relocate the main sink. I could put it in that corner you mentioned but I would be staring at a wall (we don't have the possibility of putting a window at that corner). I need to give this some more thought.
Splitrock, great suggestions on the trash. If I keep the main sink on the island I will make sure there is something to collect wash there - we are on septic here so lots of stuff goes from dishes to the trash.

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