White granite

GeorgysmomAugust 1, 2013

I'm looking for a granite that looks like marble with grey veining. Any suggestions?

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Get marble :).

Facetious, but this is a fairly frequent topic. I could have posted the exact same question, actually. I love, love, love the look of marble but knew that I wouldn't be able to handle the 'patina' AKA stains, etching etc.

I don't think there is really a granite that looks like marble. It's just two different stones with very different properties.

I have seen some other stones like quartz that look remarkably similar to granite. Or you can go completely man made; there are varieties of corian etc that are dead ringers for marble without the drawbacks.

But white granite that will look exactly like marble? No such animal.

Good luck.

PS I ended up using a granite called wine river. It's sort of a greenish/pale color, definitely on the light end of the granite spectrum. No regrets as it truly has been bulletproof since we installed it.

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I've been looking at quartzite. I've lived with carrera marble on DR buffet and still love it. So, snow quartz is mostly white, Lumix has gold/tan lines, Siberian White is most like my marble, but also the most expensive.

White Princess has touch of green, as does Sea Pearl, but both lovely.

hope this helps.

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That has been precisely my goal. I'm really still in search of that right stone. White Princess and White Macuabas are both quartzite stones that have a similar look. I'm still searching for the right option.

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I like white macuabas, but the stripes won't work with L-shaped kitchen (so I was told). Siberian white is similar, but the veins not straight. Obviously, we have similar tastes and goals.

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Check both Caesarstone and Cambria quartz countertop material for their simulated Carrerra marble. I love the look of marble, but I would never take on the problems with maintenance. Frankly, in most cases I wouldn't select granite anymore.if I was looking for a light white or beige color.

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Have you considered Taj Mahal? Thicker and more expensive but stunning when installed. This has been discussed on this forum before. You might want to search the name.

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I've been to 3 places, and have yet to find Taj Mahal. I think it is lovely. It has more movement than Snow Quartz.

To the OP, snow quartz & Lumix can be underlit.

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Glacier White granite?

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River White is very close

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This topic has been covered many many times. Your best bet is to go to some slab yards and see what there is. Bring along a sample of your cabinets to see how well they match. Also read up on the differences between granite, quartzite, and marble. Granite is a catch-all for many different stones that have similar properties - mainly, won't scratch or etch, heat-resistant, fairly stain resistant, can be sealed to prevent staining. Quartzite is similar to granite in terms of those features that make it suitable for kitchens, but is usually more expensive than granite and harder to fabricate. Be aware that many places label things wrong, and sell marble as granite or quartzite - especially the ones that look a lot like marble (princess white and super white come to mind). Read karin_mt's great primer on how to tell what kind of rock a slab really is (search for scratch test and karin_mt). For the most part, if it looks like marble, it probably is.

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On Saturday I found Taj Mahal in 2 stores; it is beautiful. Sent my plans to one store, which has 3 cm slabs, and sells less than a slab if don't need the full slab. Other store has the 2 cm slab. Its not priced yet. I would be very happy with this stone.

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