Cup pulls and bar pulls together?

cjz28August 12, 2013

Hello everyone, I am new here and need to make a quick decision and would like your advice.

We are building a new house and so far have decided on cup pulls on the drawers and bar pulls on the cabinets.

I think this would look good together if just the bar pulls were on the upper cabinets and just the cup pulls were on the lower cabinets.

But in the new house they will be mixed together on the lower cabinets... will this look okay together?

Our other options is going to be cup pulls and knobs together!

any advice/pictures would be great.



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Sophie Wheeler

They are completely opposite in style. One is very modern and one is very traditional. They don't mix. At all.

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I opted for cup pulls and knobs. I have coordinating pulls only on my trash pull out and dishwasher.

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We mixed them, but used a latch on the lower cabinet next to the cup pulls. On the opposite side of the room, all of the drawers and cabinets use bar pulls. I honestly can't remember why we decided that anymore--since you'll notice the upper cabinets over the cup pulls have bar pulls. I think I ordered latches for the uppers and my husband changed his mind at the last minute? (We always planned all bar pulls for the gray cabinets, though.) Maybe other people think it clashes (I won't take it personally!), but it doesn't bother me at all. We did choose pretty traditional-looking pulls, though--not sure how well this would work with the more modern style.

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Sophie Wheeler

Let's be clear on terminology here. Looks like you have "regular pulls", not bar pulls.

This is a bar pull.

And it's completely opposite in style to this.

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