backsplash with Uba Tuba counter & golden oak cabs

kaylAugust 13, 2010

I just ordered my Uba Tuba granite to go with my existing golden oak cabinets. Not too popular a look around here, but I'm excited about the new look. (I now have bright blue formica! ACK!) I am stumped, however, on the tile backsplash. Most finished kitchens I can find have wood floors & white cabs. I have wood cabs & dove gray tile floor. I want something timeless; something that will not overpower the granite which will be the new star in the kitchen. I have been thinking of white/cream subway tile, tumbled marble or travertine. I think the subways are on the top of the list right now, but I'm not sure if shiny tile would be too much with the polished granite. Perhaps a matte finish would be better?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciate and pictures would be outstanding! Thanks!

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I would say white or off white subway tiles.

I have maple cabinets that are on the orange side - very warm with ORB hardware. I am dying to get a black or dark granite countertop (right now I have Corian) so I could do a subway tile backsplash.

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I'm thinkin this'd be a good place for my old favorite-- bottocino tumbled marble with ubatuba accents.

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We finished our remodel 3 years ago and I picked oak cabinets (a little lighter than golden oak) and uba tuba. The combination looks very good together. Originally, I wanted maple cabinets and saw that there was more color variation in the staining than desired.

Anyway: no regrets about this decision! The walls are painted a goldish tan (somewhat like wheat). Haven't done a backsplash yet. The more I live with the painted walls which I like the slower to get tile. I've been thinking a light green or cream color in a classic style would look good. My goal is a calm, serene look. Sometimes, I get second thoughts and think about a mission or craftsman type design over the stove.

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I have cinnamon oak cabinets and a dark granite-Black Galaxy. Here is my backsplash.

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Countrygal, That is a beautiful combo!

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Thanks everyone! Lovely ideas! Anyone else?????

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kayl, here's my new travertine backsplash. It's Vino Gold by Emser. Counters are verde esmeralda, not uba tuba, but there are similarities. We found an impeccable tile guy with lots of pride in his work. He used a urethane grout (mushroom in our case) which partially filled in the holes and gives the trav a very soft glow. The urethane grout is apparently very hard to work with; your installer has to be convinced it will do the best and want to work with it. With this grout the trav does not have to be sealed; it will not stain, our tile guy said.

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laurarenos7 - Thanks, I'm very happy with it.

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