Found my marble!

secondhalfAugust 6, 2012

Hi everyone- after silently agonizing and second guessing and fretting, I finally said "go for it" and am putting marble on the island. When I asked my husband if he was SURE he wouldn't mind always using a cutting board, and he said "hon, we're not going to get to do this again, get what you want" I decided he was right AND that if I lived with laminate and builder's grade orange oak for two decades, I can live with my marble and soapstone becoming lived in. So, here it is- the pictures don't do it justice.

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Beautiful marble!! Awesome husband! =) Enjoy your marble. And your husband. :)

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Make that island as big as you can! That stone is gorgeous and you need to see as much of it as possible!

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Congrats. That is so beautiful!

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Beeps- thanks so much- and you're right about the husband. He's a keeper :)

Beekeeperswife- I'm a big fan of all (well both) your kitchens AND your gorgeous new home (I want you to start your own design business) so I'm thrilled you think it's beautiful.

Thanks so much for commenting everyone. I've become incredibly boring to everyone but you guys. I so appreciate the outlet!!

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Second half- wow!!
Beautiful. I agree- make that island BIG! I'll be watching

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