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modern_mom35August 15, 2012

So our cabinet maker made a huge mistake in his measurements. This dining room floor to ceiling built in was supposed to be centered on the window. Instead, there is 2 inches of drywall on one side of the window and 3 on the other. This will cause a problem once the trim is put on the windows. Hard to see on my crappy iPad picture, but hopefully you can get the idea. My GC is livid and thinks they need to totally redo one side of the cabinetry to make it even. That seems like such a waste to me. Do you think I am okay with doing a narrower trim on the windows and living with it (with some discount, of course)?? What would you do?

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That's a hard one. Yeah, it should be done right but that is a lot of work to re-do. Of course, you're not the one who made the mistake!

Personally, I think it's something that YOU would only notice or a trained eye. The average person visiting will be looking at your fancy new cabinets (which look great btw)- not the area around the window.

I would try for some type of discount.

What is the cabinet maker guy saying?

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My window worked out that way, probably a stud in the way. The window trim had to be cut down on one side, but no one seems to notice it. My contractor wouldn't work with me, but I stayed married to him anyway :)

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Thanks for your thoughts. Not sure what the cab guy is saying yet. We're still waiting to hear back from the GC. I thought the same thing - I would be the only one who will notice....BUT it was a huge investment and we should get it right....ugh!! So frustrating.

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I hardly notice it. Definitely livable. And definitely frustrating. Once the trim is in it will be even less noticeable.

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Correct me if I'm oversimplifying - the side wall of the right cab will move out by one additional inch, you'll need a new cabinet back, shelves and doors for the cab - right? That's not so much for a cabinet maker to do. I'd let your GC handle it and get it fixed.

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I wasn't oversimplifying, I was just wrong. The cabinet maker needs to make the lower base cab an inch narrower, then give you new drawers/doors and rebuild the tall cab on the right to be an inch wider.


Few things in life are perfect. If it doesn't bug you, no problem, but let your GC come up with options.

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Are there any fillers on the sides of the tall cabs, between them and the walls? Perhaps you could shift the whole kit and caboodle 0.5" to the left by playing around with the fillers.

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My kitchen cabinets are like that, and I don't even notice it anymore. Once you get curtains or blinds up there, you probably won't either. That said, our trim around it isn't stock trim, so it could be made to fit and then it's even less noticeable. If you are using stock trim and it doesn't fit right now, it will be noticeable.

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Use wider trim that covers the entire width and trim it on the narrower side. Use plan trim to minimize any variation.

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thanks Angie, Marti, and palimpsest -- those are basically the options DH is discussing this morning with the GC. it's looking like the installers screwed something up rather than the cab makes. hoping we can move everything down 1/2". I have come to the conclusion that we are NOT going to cut up our beautiful built in or make them redo it.

I so appreciate everyone's perspective!

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Sophie Wheeler

Just put in a narrow filler against the wall and you will NEVER EVER notice a thing.

Or, have the entire back wall clad in wood panels so you don't see "trim" around the window at all in the expanse of wood. It could be a much more custom "built in" look that would add to the appearance of the window seat.

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VERY interesting idea, hollysprings. thank you!

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