Gel Stain, but not as dark as Java? Pictures?

beekeeperswifeAugust 7, 2013


I'm looking to see if anyone has any pictures of examples of doing those infamous orangey oak cabinets in a gel stain that is not as dark as the Java.

Not trying to lighten them, but just trying to give them a little help. The counters are black granite, so going to Java is just too much, especially in a kitchen located in the middle of the house w/o windows.

Hoping somebody has an example to share.


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Brown Mahogany, scroll down about half way.
I'd love to see Antique Walnut.

Here is a link that might be useful: Brown Mahogany gel stain

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You can mix the shades to get what you want.

I used Georgian Cherry (really red) 1/3 and Java 2/3 to get a deep, warm brown.

If the brown mahogany or antique walnut is not brown enough, add some java

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Thanks for the info. Appreciate the help.

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I stained this white oak bench with General Finishes, brown mahogany.

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Hi Bee
I am watching to see what others suggest - I am thinking of gelling my one BR.
Hope you are doing well!

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