Blanco Culina faucet

wallycatAugust 30, 2012

If anyone spots a sale on this faucet anywhere, please let me know.

The cheapest I can find is a little over $400.....would love to get a deal on it.

Thanks in advance.

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Wondering about quality, would someone who has one installed please comment on how it performs. Thanks

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We installed the Blanco Culina Satin Nickel Model #441332 about a month ago. So far, we're satisfied with the quality. My wife sometimes has issues with its flexibility within our 30" farmhouse sink and feels it could extend more. Power from the spray seems adequate.

The major draw for me was the magnet spray holder as opposed to the regular arms I found on other "coily" faucets, which I felt were clumsy and hard to attach the spray to while in use. It takes getting used to, as sometimes the magnet in the arm catches the faucet when I don't want it to, but it's new to me. Compared to the other coily faucets I was cross-shopping, I found this to be the best. And I feel the closed coil provides a cleaner look while maintaining a bit of an industrial/modern look.

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Thank you so much for the reply and review.

I think I will pull the trigger in the next 1-2 months. Bought the sink (not ideal but close to what we needed with the limitations we had + cost factor) and think it will work well.
I too do not like the big loops. Our current faucet is a moen with the pull down and hate how it hangs. I know they are making nicer pull downs, but this just seemed different enough yet functional.
Now to find a good deal!

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After an agonizing and exhaustive search, I think this is the one! Manly enough for my chief dishwasher to use, elegant enough for me to look at. Nixit71, I've appreciated your posts on it and hope you are still enjoying it? Wallycat, did you make the purchase, and do you have shopping tips or feedback on it, yet? Did anyone order other stainless or brushed nickel things that sit nearby (drinking water faucets, air switches, soap dispensers)? What goes well with the finish?

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I've been using this faucet for two weeks and think it's great - by far the best faucet I have ever owned. The magnet is very strong and it's much easier to get coverage across the whole sink with this approach vs. pull-down sprayers.

I did a little shopping around but it seemed like it was a very similar price everywhere so I just bought it at the same place I got other appliances in bulk so I could get an overall order discount.

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@kksmama - Still working like a champ after almost 1 year. Magnet just as strong.

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Thanks, nixit71! I'm looking forward to it. You have a gorgeous, clean look at your sink. I'm afraid mine will be be more cluttered, with a filtered water faucet, soap dispenser, and air switch. I think I'll be able to get all of it in a stainless finish, and hope it will look nice. I'm pretty sure I'm using the grohe Concetto for my prep sink, and hope the two faucets will complement each other.

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Is everybody still happy with their Blanco Culina? I really like it, but was thrown off by a sales person which told me their customer service was really bad, any experience... I really like its look. I have a 36" stainless steel farmhouse sink and thinking of going with the mini culina.

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