Cliq Studios for my new kitchen design?

MuleHouseAugust 12, 2012

I'd looked at them on line before, but saw a good mention of Cliq here this morning. I've priced them now for my design and whoa, mama, what a difference in price from Lowes.

Are those who have used Cliq Studios happy? Or have there been some disasters I should be aware of before going forward?

I'm attaching a photo of the 18LX7W raw space from a real estate ad. The refrigerator will go in the room beyond. It still looks much the same except the carpet has been removed. That lowered ceiling area is ducting I can't do anything about except to work around it. There's only 70 inches of space beyond the ducting where the sink and dishwasher will be placed. Everything else has to fit under the 74 1/2 inches from floor to ducting.

Would love any feedback.

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My Cliq Studios cabinets will ship this week! All I had read were great reviews and my experience during the design process was good. And as you saw, the price can't be beat. I'm getting the Dayton style in painted linen for the uppers and tea leaf for the lowers.

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We used Cliqstudios for our kitchen remodel.They were great.Patty was our designer and she helped us so much with design, modifications etc. A couple of cabinets and a door were damaged from shipping but Cliqstudios replaced them in a timely manner with free shipping. My contractor was impressed with the construcion and quality of the wood of the cabinets.He thought these cabinets were actually better quality than the non -custom big box brands. They are less than big box stores because they are from China but built in Minnesota. Also, they are modular so they don't have a lot of sizes and not every cabinet is available in any size.Because of this,we had to make adjustments but it all worked out.Free shipping on large orders. We were very pleased with our experience with Cliqstudios and would recommend them.

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One tip is that the designer can make adjustments on cabinet depth for you that are not available on the regular cabinet pricing page.This allows for a semi-custom design

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