How do I attach a wreath to a window?

bluekitobsessedDecember 6, 2008

I'm seeing pix in magazines of xmas wreaths hung on windows with no curtains and I think I'd like to try this. How do the wreaths attach? In the pix the wreaths usually have big bows and ribbons, which I assume camouflages some hardware. I just put in window moldings and I don't especially want to staple the wood.

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I use fishing line. Attach it to the lock on the inside and close the window. Works great for me.

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I also use monofilament indoors. For outside applications, I use green florist wire. For the outside jobs, I also put in a finish nail on the top of the molding or wedge it between the molding and wall and wrap the wire around it. Works great in windy weather.

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We use both suction cup hooks and those 3M Command removable hooks. The suction cup hooks come in various sizes: I have the teensiest ($.99 for a pack of five) of them holding up our smaller wreaths, and for the outside 48" diameter wreath I use two of the 3M Command larger (but not the largest) hooks (one to support the metal frame at the top, and one to support the metal frame at the bottom to prevent any movement from our considerable [up to 90 miles per hour] wind).

Our suction cup hooks are on both our due north and due south windows. I live in a colder climate (it snows where we are), just to give you an idea the conditions they have. The 3M hooks are on a due south window. All the hooks are hidden by the wreaths and / or their bows.

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I use suction cup hooks to attach my wreaths. I have a wreath on my two large indoor mirrors and the suction hooks have never fallen off through the years. I use them for my outdoor wreaths too. I used to use fishing line but that was before I found those cool suction hook cups.

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I use these on my glass storm door. They work great!

Here is a link that might be useful: magnetic wreath holders

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Just read the bad review on the magnetic wreath holder link I posted above and wanted you to know that I completely disagree. I've been using them for years and never had the wreath blow off or fall. The magnets are very strong!

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I am curious. To those of you who have used magnets, suction cups etc. to attach your wreaths to outside windows. Do you not see the backside of the wreath as well as the suction cup or whatever, from inside your house? I wanted to use wreaths on my LR windows this Christmas but did not want to look at the "backside" of everything so to speak. I guess using fish line or ribbon would take care of the attachment to window part of the problem but you would still see the metal ring that the greenery is attached to wouldn't you?

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Not a big deal to use fishing line. I have been using it since the late 60s for wreaths and holding crooked (natural/live) trees upright that want to lean south. You know they even sew you up from surgery with something similar called catgut.

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I hung a wreath in the bathroom window using a piece of ribbon. It's held in place on the top of the window frame with a decorative thumbtack.

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If you can handle a glue gun or a tube of silicone caulk/adhesive (which you can get in any hardware store), you can glue a circle of green or whatever color felt to the back of your wreath, which will both mask the wreath base and keep the window from getting scratched by any wire ends. Craft felt is dirt cheap if you don't buy those little squares - fabric stores carry it in yardage. Polarfleece scrap would work well too, I think.

I can speak in favor of those big suction cups - my wreaths (one decorated twig wreath, one decorated grapevine wreath) stayed up during 50mph wind gusts last night. I figured I'd find them across the street in pieces but when I went out this morning they were right where they belonged. I can see it from inside but it's clear so it's unobtrusive, and from the outside it's hidden by the wreath.

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Natal, are the lights on your bathroom wreath battery-operated? If not, where are they plugged in? I don't see a wire in the picture.

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hi bluekitobsessed, what I did on our front door was pretty simple, we have glass in the middle of the door, what I did was to hook the large clear suction holders on the top of the wreath and at the bottom of the wreath, just so the wind doesn't catch it, it stays on very secure. Here's a couple of pictures.

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