Kemper vs. Haas or should I keep looking?

need_help23August 31, 2012

Does anyone have Kemper cabinets? Specifically the Kemper Echo line. I should be getting an estimate next week for the maple leather finish.

One of the contractors I'm considering partnered with this cabinet shop. One thing that I like is that this contractor offers a "turn key" solution. Him and the cabinet people will work together and he owns a granite company as well. Therefore, they coordinate EVERYTHING with regards to the installation and my entire remodeling project (knock down a wall, flooring, painting, backsplash, electrical, etc.). But I don't know much about the Kemper line.

I have another contractor that works with a cabinet shop that sells Haas cabinets. Are these any better than Kemper?

Both contractors are still willing to work with whatever cabinet shop I pick but I would then have to be the middle person to coordinate things especially if something goes wrong.

Your thoughts?

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We just installed Kemper. I don't know what the Echo line is. They are the same company as Diamond and Schrock which seem to be more common and well known, for whatever reason.

I think they are typical mid range cabs. They are not custom and they don't come in custom sizes. They have limited finishes. But they seem sturdy and well built. We haven't moved in yet so ask me in a few years, though!

We used them cause that's what my builder uses...The price, compared to custom, was reasonable.

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sometimes the seamless approach where all is completed by one group is worth it. As well,if there is a problem within a reasonable initial time frame-you call and they will fix it. However-it works best if you do not have customization needs. Find out how it works for flooring/appliances-the stuff beyond cabinets where you wish to pick-do they send you somewhere with a budget and all the choices are shown and you pick? Do they have a level up,called upgrades where you can be alittle more choosey for a bit more money? will they install the appliances? Find out a bit more how it works.

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Thank you very much for your response cottonpenny and herbflavor!

Cottonpenny - do you have any pics to post of your Kemper cabinets?

Does anyone have any Haas cabinets?

Thanks again!

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Again, I don't know how Kemper Echo differs from "regular" Kemper. We have solid wood drawers but melamine shelves in the uppers, all soft-close.

Here are our cabinets so far. Sorry I don't have closer up pics yet.

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Kitchens by Design


I sell Kemper and can speak to the differences between Kemper Choice and Kemper Echo. The Kemper Choice has a 1/2" cabinet side while Echo has a 3/8" side. You can choose either plywood or particleboard. In Echo, you have to upgrade the drawer box to a full-extension glide while in Choice, it is standard. The standard Echo drawer box is partial extension with a side-mounted glide. There are very few door choices in Echo. Also, I don't think the finished sides are wood veneer in Echo. I'm not in my showroom, so I can't look it up. It's a relatively new line.

Ask the contractor to price the Choice. In my opinion, by the time you upgrade the drawer boxes, the pricing isn't all that different between Echo and Choice. I actually have a hard time selling Kemper. Aside from a few door choices, I've found that my other line (Dynasty) gives so many more options at a similar price point. There are definitely some Kemper doorstyles that price significantly better but once you cross over the mid-point in Kemper, Dynasty becomes a much better value. The one thing I don't like about Kemper is the 1/4" reveal on the sides. Dynasty's is 3/32". Gives the side a much nicer look.

Depending on your doorstyle there are probably other cabinets that offer a better value. BUT! The Choice line is a good cabinet - as someone said in an earlier post, it is similar to the others on the market.

Please let me know if you have any other questions!

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I have Haas cabinets. I'm not sure how they compare to Kemper but they were a higher price point than Koch cabinets which were the other option suggested by my KD. The quality seems fine although I did have some problems getting the right sized shelves delivered to fit my cupboards. If you do decide to go with Haas, I have lots of left over shelves in an assortment of sizes. :)

Here are some pictures of my cabs.

Here's one pre- back splash

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Cottonpenny - How exciting that they have been installed. I can't wait when I'm at that point of FINALLY deciding which cabinets to pick. Thank you for posting pictures!

Lisa1517 - If I decide on these cabinets, can you be my salesperson? You have given me more information about the differences in the two Kemper lines than the contractor did. He let me borrow a block of wood of the stain that I picked so I can show my husband. It says "Sultan Maple Leather". I did pick a Shaker type of door because that's the only door style he showed me with that stain. However, when I looked at the Kemper Echo booklet, the Sultan shows a different type of door style than what I picked. I'm confused. Does the Kemper Choice or the Dynasty line have a similar stain and what door styles are available?

Sydney4 - What a kitchen! It looks like this picture is from a Better Homes and Garden magazine. Wow! What door style are your cabinets? I like it.

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Sorry, need help23, I just caught your response. First thanks so much for the kind words. I checked my paper work and I was unable to find any indication of the door style but I think it is part of the Capitol Series. I hope this is helpful. Good Luck.

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