Accidentally used Glass Plus on my granite!

cind11August 22, 2008

I was cleaning my stove top and kitchen counters and grabbed the Glass Plus (like Windex) instead of the granite cleaner and used it on a section of counter. I wiped it off and then used my neutral granite cleaner. Did I do something bad? I hope I didn't take the sealer off. (15 yr. sealer applied by granite guys)

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Glass Plus is different than Windex in that it is alcohol and ammonia free. I don't think you've hurt anything, but from here on out, I'd use a granite cleaner.

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Not a big deal - you ask 50 people what you should use and you'll get 75 different anwsers... we asked when ours was installed and our granite guys laughed and said windex was fine, they use it in their house and no problems. I use it sometimes, no problems - we don't even seal regularly like we should and no problems and we have a soft stone. I have the sealer, but it's fine. I think the granite cleaner is overpriced - works fine - I usually get the Windex with vinegar or now lime (could not find vinegar) or use the clorex wipes and not one issue and it's been a year. Or just a sponge.

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OK, good. I feel better now. I had both cleaners out and didn't pay attention to what I was grabbing. Usually I just wipe the counters off with water but sometimes I feel like I need something more. Thanks!

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I use Glass Plus on my bathrm vanity, especially when I'm cleaning the two sink's faucet handles anyway. It's OK to use since it's ammonia-free. Every few weeks, when the top gets a little dull I use a fine steel wool.

I do use granite cleaner every couple of days on it too. It looks beautiful.


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I was really paranoid the 1st 6 months but now a year later, it isn't a big deal and am careful, but the new luxary has worn off. But, I had never had granite before, so if you aren't used to it, it is a new thing to worry about to get used to caring for it.

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Yes, my granite is only about 2 or 3 mos. old, so I guess I am still trying to "baby" it. I'm sure the novelty (and paranoia) will wear off eventually.

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don't worry too much about the granite... probably one of the reasons you chose it is for its durability. I use Windex on my granite (I buy the vinegar formulated Windex, without ammonia). My is also only 2-3 months old, however, in my last kitchen we had granite and I used Windex on it everyday for 7 years, never resealed and never had a problem.

Good Luck and congratulations on your new kitchen!

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I am continually amazed at the idea out there that granite is a "delicate" surface material. I've lived in four houses with 10 different granites and they were all virtually bulletproof. Yes, Giallo Veneziano was somewhat absorbent around the sink (without sealer) but not a real issue. Would I purposely leave an oil spill or red wine sitting on my counters? Probably not but it's happened accidentally before with no ill effects. Have I ever had any damage? Never. It seems that there may be certain stones which have some absorbency/staining issues but they are a very small proportion of the vast variety of granites out there to choose from. My mom has lived with granite for 20 years and my sister has lived in 3 homes with three different bulletproof stones. So please stop worrying about a little Glass Plus or Windex on your countertops and don't feel like you need the expensive granite cleaner. If Windex does leave a cloudy film on your counters, you can remove it with a microfiber cloth and hot water. I have used vinegar, ammonia, etc. on my counters in the past with no ill effects. I currently use Fantastik on my counter surfaces to remove greasy buildup and Method Cleaner to "sparkle" them up when company's coming but a microfiber cloth and hot soapy water work wonderfully for everyday cleanup.

If you wanted something to worry about ruining/etching on a daily basis, you should have chosen marble. I know; I put it in our master bath and it's a constant battle to try and keep it looking good. Etching is inevitable IMO.

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zoenipp~~ You are SO right about marble. I have it in my kitchen and made the mistake of cleaning it with vinegar/water (used on the windows and never thought about it etching)....well that was a HUGE mistake. It looks terrible!!! now I am going to replace it with granite of some type. I bought a granite tile and have put vinegar, lemon juice, tomato slice, orange juice and just about anything else I could think of with acid to see if it etched...and it did not~~~but oh my, the marble did!! When I complained....the answer was, "You should have known better than to put marble in the kitchen!"...guess I should have inquired more first, but I loved it when I bought it.

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For a very VERY inexpensive cleaner for your granite (and glass top stoves too) mix 1/2 water and 1/2 alcohol. Along with a miracle cloth (one to clean and one to buff dry) you'll have the shiniest granite in town :) I also use it on my appliances, spritz it on the floor for spot cleaning (I use steam for regular cleanings). On this forum it's called the "homebrew" :) You haven't hurt anything with Glass Plus. I wouldn't make a habit of it tho.

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I've used everything from glass plus, to windex, to fantastic on my absolute black granite for the past 10 years, and it didn't do any damage. I also hadn't had it sealed in the 10 years that I had it either. It's alot stronger than you think.

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Absolute Black doesn't need to be sealed. In fact, if you did, you'd end up with a cloudy mess :( That granite is too dense for the sealer (or anything else) to penetrate . It will sit on top and turn cloudy. Granites *can* get dull after long term use of acidic cleaning products. Using dishsoap will result in a build up of soap film and your shiny granite will start to look dull after time. Might not be something you notice right away. Soap is too difficult to remove with just a wet cloth. As one expert used to say, it would take a water hose to rinse the soap completely off....just my observations from reading and being active in these forums (and stone forums) for over 6 years.

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phoggie you can contact a stone restoration company and have the marble re finished in place. it should not be terribly expesive but far cheaper than new counters.


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I read somewhere the best way to clean granite was using soap and water...but it sounds like that leaves it cloudy...and I don't want it that way.

So from what I am reading, no ammonia, but alcohol is okay. I sure don't want to "screw" this up this time like I did that marble~~~

Also, how do you know if your granite needs sealing or not...sounds like many do not seal theirs but I thought it needed to be done every 6 months. Guess I am just paranoid about the etching problems I had in the past.

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