Surprised this got so little response on Kitchen Forum

kitchendetectiveDecember 10, 2012

Bad form or not, I'm linking to my own post on Kitchens in re: unfitted kitchens. Just for the imagery, if nothing else.

Here is a link that might be useful: Elizabethan home reno

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I absolutely love it! I plan to use several French pieces i've purchased thru auctions over the last 3 years when I feel *ready* to build again. I've only been in tis home 4 years, so maybe in the next couple of years when I decide to downsize. At the moment, i'm using the furniture in other rooms~3 dressers, 2 matching armoires, one a two-door the other a three. The shelving/drawers will need to be made sturdy, but that's not a big issue. Anyway, not only do I love the kitchen, but the whole house is eye-candy worthy! I guess some people fail to have an appreciation for something off the 'beaten track' since PB seems to be the 'look' at the moment and very little imagination is needed~such a shame.

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For a real treat -- zip over to Pinterest and type in "unfitted kitchens" and then try typing in "bohemian kitchens" -- truly gorgeous and unique!

Thanks for sharing -- I've always adored (and frankly envied) such wonderful kitchens!

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That's a wonderful kitchen! Thanks for sharing...I didn't even see this on the kitchen forum :)

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laura mcleod

That is an amazing kitchen and home! Elegant and cozy all at the same time. I love it.

I contemplated doing an unfitted kitchen but didn't think I had the skill or patience to get it done right... Maybe in my next life/kitchen?

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It looks very natural and appropriate in that house

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Those floors looked like they would be so cold in the winter. To me the whole house feels like it would be cold and drafty.

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Lincolnshire is on the North Sea. It is never particularly warm or particularly bitter cold, but Of Course the floors are cold--they are probably cold in summer..., it's not Southern California, and I don't think the Elizabethans had flip flops.

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Whoops, responded to the kitchen forum. Lovely kitchen. I didn't see the original post either.

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Love that house. Thanks for bringing it up, I would have missed it.

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That made my heart go pitter-patter. Thank you so much for sharing!

Cold and drafty, you say? Possibly. But maybe not. Our friends' 450+ year old thatched roof cottage in the Wiltshire countryside has a lot of these same features, but is perfectly comfortable even when snow is falling outside.

I would dearly love to have this kitchen. Oh, and there's my Asiatic Pheasants again. ;-)

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Just coming back to say that the entire blog is absolutely lovely. Thanks again for posting this ... I've been happily lost in the gorgeous images ...

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Absolutely gorgeous!

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Where's the matching stainless? And the granite countertops? ;)

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I really like it. Don't think I could put it together, if only because I am so married to family furniture and things I have. I love the idea in an older home, but it doesn't fit a 20-something year old neighborhood, even though one of the things I loved about my house was that it had an older feel to it.

I have lived in a couple of older homes -- not that old but 1920s, and they had thicker walls and were better insulated than newer homes -- except for the floors. The older houses here were pier and beam and newer construction in this area is slab foundation. Both can get cold, but the pier and beam seemed colder. They could be insulated or even heated now and probably be more energy efficient than my newer home (but we're working on it).

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Love it - I like the paint color too. I wonder if it could work in a newer house with wood trim.

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I think it is lovely to look at. But I also think it would be difficult to be very functional, especially in a small kitchen. Maximizing drawer space, continuous counters for working, etc are just a lot more functional for me. And for me, in a kitchen, function trumps form.

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