Granite/Quartz sinks (Blanco vs Swan vs Elkay vs...)

thisishishouseAugust 5, 2014

Does anyone have anything to say good/bad about the various makers of granite or quartz composite sinks? Are some brands "better", or are they relatively comparable.

Just learned that the Blanco silgranit sink we wanted isn't available for about a month, which will put us greatly behind schedule. I found some similar sinks from Swan and Elkay, but not sure if they measure up. Blanco certainly has the name recognition.

Any other makers we should consider?

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Blanco is available on Got mine about $100 cheaper on amazon and it was packaged very very well. Arrived in perfect condition, in 2 days through Prime membership. I don't know how Blanco compares to other manufacturers.

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We had a swanstone and replaced with Silgranit for this remodel. We were very happy with the swanstone, but the sink we had was a dual mount - and the curve / bump-out at the back wouldn't work with our new layout (it would have made for a strange reveal and been a real headache trying to get 4 holes in).

What I like about the Silgranit (Precis) is the channels in the bottom and the color.

Have you checked all of the online sources - HomePerfect, Amazon, etc.?

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We will be getting a cristadur (Schock) granite/composite sink. They are similar to the Blanco Silgranit ones. However, we much preferred the cream colour available with the Cristadur brand to the colours available with the Silgranit line. Our colour will be Magnolia.


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I did find our Blanco on Amazon, but they want $100 to ship it (priority) across the country to me. Our granite fabricators won't cut from template, and counters were supposed to be cut & installing on Friday. I want to get a sink to them ASAP to keep our project on schedule, so it's either find one in a warehouse locally, or overnight from Amazon.

If I find a Swan, Elkay, or Houzer nearby, are those "just as good"?

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Since the sink is such a permanent item in the kitchen, and something you will use all day every day, I would wait for the sink you want. I would rather have the counter fabrication postponed, than get a sink I don't really like or want.

But I am wondering if truly your sink you want won't be available for a month. Please let us know the model number and color, and perhaps it can be found at some other website than what you are looking at, and likely free shipping since so many reputable websites offer free shipping on Blanco sinks. While you may not get it by Friday, you will get it in less than a week.

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"Our granite fabricators won't cut from templateâ¦"

This is ridiculous. Virtually all sink manufacturers have DXF files of their cutouts, and if your fabricators are old school, they still have to make and/or use a template. Having possession of the sink is irrelevant.

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Treb is right ... my countertop guys specifically didn't want to take the sink with them - they just wanted the template. We did a -1/8" reveal.

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nyefnyef:The 2 largest distributors in our area don't have any in their warehouses. Called Blanco, they have none in their warehouse. It's apparently a popular model. There's some coming on a boat, due in NJ end of this week. They'll be processed and shipped to fill orders next week.

Unfortunately we really can't postpone fabrication. We're supposed to be done and moved in 3 weeks. New school district won't accept our kids unless we're actually residing in the home, can't reside w/o occupancy permit, no permit w/o a finished kitchen. House we're renting (50 miles away) has been sold and xfers to new owners in 3 wks.

Treb & marco: I agree that it seems bogus, but they said they've had problems in the past with the actual sink differing slightly in manufacturing from the template. So they only work with the sinks. Funny though, they're doing a cutout for our cooktop w/o having the cooktop. Maybe because those are a more standard size/shape, whereas sinks are all different?

Bit the bullet and ordered from Amazon, overnight shipped directly to fabricator. PITA, but it keeps things moving. It's on a FedEx plane from TN as I type. GC shoulda ordered the sink weeks ago. It'd make everything cost twice as much, but I should've just Amazon & FedEx'd everything for the house. Then everything would just magically appear when it's supposed to.

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If only we could Amazon and Fed Ex tradesmen.

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Are the other brands just as good??

IMHO, no. Blanco's silgranit II is a better material. I've read complaints here about "granite sinks" that turn out to NOT be Blanco sinks.

You're in a tough spot with your timing. To me it seems as if it comes down to whether or not the Blanco is worth another $100 (from the expedited shipping) more than the off-brands. After living with two silgranit sinks for more than 2.5 years, I would personally go the route of paying the extra shipping costs. In the long run, it's small peace of mind for an amazingly, excellently awesome sink.

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Glad you are on your way to getting the sink you wanted. But when you say it's "called Blanco", that's the brand name. I was asking for the sink model and color, i.e what size and shape and color of Blanco Silgranit sink you were ordering. That's OK, it sounds like it all worked out for you.

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NyefNyef By "called Blanco", I meant I telephoned Blanco's US HQ and asked them to find me their sink within a 200 mile radius of my home. They pointed me to their regional sales teams, who could not locate it readily available, or in their nat'l warehouse. They said most of the time, nobody really stocks them and they're all custom ordered.

No matter. Amazon & FedEx came thru.

cal Ditto! I'd love to FedEx them too.

breezyThanks for answering my original question. My suspicion was that they weren't as good, just based on how often I see Blanco mentioned and never hear the other makers.

And compared to what we've spent already on things, you're right that $100 is a small price to get exactly what we wanted exactly when we need it.

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"they've had problems in the past with the actual sink differing slightly in manufacturing from the template. So they only work with the sinks. "

I've heard this too, not just on sinks. The templates are often wrong so they won't take the chance.

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my fabricator took my silgranite sink too but not the faucet. i am guessing it is pretty common. hope it all works out for you!

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Wanted to share our results. Ordering the silgranit from Amazon with FedEx overnight direct to the fabricator worked smoothly. Even with the extra $100-ish for the FedEx, it was cheaper than some local supply shops.

I wish, however, that the fabricator really meant "need it tomorrow" when they said that. They said they needed it ASAP to fabricate, but then when they got it they said install would still be a week out. Had I known, I would've saved the hundred. (or better yet, the contractor could've ordered it weeks ago...)

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Sorry for your confusing situation there at the end for you. Your sink is beautiful, but that stone surrounding it is amazing! I hope you're enjoying it all. And please post some photos of your whole space so we can see more.

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Thanks for the follow up and gorgeous picture. I love the way your sink, faucet, and counter compliment each other!

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I like the style produced by Ebstone designers. Quality is superb. See the kitchen interior.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ebstone

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Thanks for posting your sink. Could you please tell me what color that is.

I am trying to choose between cafe brown and anthracite. My kitchen designer is breathing down my neck and I have to commit soon.

Yours looks very nice. I like your granite very much.

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