An Imperfect Layout

grlwprlsAugust 2, 2012

Due to cost, I'm losing a planned 42" expansion in my kitchen renovation. This was really the space that gave me significant counter and storage space to either side of my range, but I would have had a blind corner. It's proving to be cost prohibitive to marry the bump out and the sink wall since we have to re-route joists, piers, gas and plumbing, and HVAC. I think visually losing the 42" makes the kitchen read as smaller, but the counter space is all useable so I think functionally, it's a bit of a wash. That said, I don't want my cabinets to make an already awkward space read as "super awkward" if you know what I mean.

To minimize an awkward layout, would you ignore symmetry?

Within my current space (116"), I can either go with:

a) 30" cabinet/30" range/18" cabinet/36" fridge


b) 24" cabinet/30" range/24" cabinet/ 36" fridge.

Both scenarios allow for panels to build a cubby for the fridge because the 116" is a bit flexible at the far end of the kitchen.

To the right of the sink (and between the sink wall and the range wall) there is 36" of counterspace. It dies into a wall, not into a corner, so it is all useable prep space. It also looks over into the living room, so a pleasant view of the TV, the family, etc. while working. There is 18" of "blank wall" and then a recessed area (a bump in to the foyer behind it) where the aforementioned 116" begins.

To the left of the sink there is also 36" for what it's worth.

Also, there are cabinets to the right of the fridge, but I think most folks would use the counter to the left of the fridge as a landing space because of the door swing while working in the kitchen. Is 18" enough? You could use the 50" of countertop to the right of the fridge to load it on market day. I just don't want to push the major appliances down into what is essentially the rear vestibule.

And before you vote on symmetry, it bears mentioning that the bump out isn't symmetrical in the room at all. So it's forced symmetry within an asymmetrical space, if that makes sense.

How would you make this "broken L" work?

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that's too much to follow. do up a layout of it w/measurements and post. Need to see visual of it.

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Unfortunately, my kitchen designer's infant died over the weekend, so I'm not really feeling the need to bother him for a drawing at the moment. And despite several attempts whenever I try drawing it, it becomes far more complicated than just the a or b scenario written above and reiterated below.

That said, the basic question is would you have two balanced cabinets of 24" to either side of a 30" range or would you have one 30" cabinet beside a 30" range and one 18" cabinet?

The 116" wall in question is not symmetrical in the space.

It's not a layout question so much as a question of aesthetics.

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Sorry, Grl. It's an intriguing question, but that's exactly why people need to "see" the picture--to develop an impression. I'm glad your function will be pretty much of a wash, leaving the rest as a fun design problem. FWIW, I'd think of balance as the goal, symmetry being only one way to achieve it.

I wish I could visualize this. Where will you be prepping? Alongside the sink? That 50" on the off side of the fridge sounds like wasted counter--to be removed altogether from consideration of how the kitchen will function?

Regarding your question, frankly, wherever I worked, I personally would probably get rid of the overhead cabinets altogether. This would be a way to make your kitchen feel, as well as look, larger. Maybe move much of that storage to the off side of the fridge? Except for very tall people, only a small portion of upper cabinet space holds stuff routinely used. Everything else can move to another wall and never be missed.

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