Yet another "pinky beige" paint question

mdriveDecember 19, 2012

Hopefully Funcolors will see this...

I have a basement in a condo I purchased that has the semi-ubiquitous 'pinky beige' porcelain tile and due to lighting issues (and existing furniture issue) my color choices seem just daunting..

I was reading a blog that spoke about using blue, and I've considered doing this, but since it is a basement with very little natural light, I worry that blue will make the rooms feel 'cold' in appearance

Further complicating the color choice is my techline office furniture which is 'ivory' (ick, I know, but these pieces were purchased prior to the condo purchase)

A darker more saturated color looks the best with the ivory bookcases/desk....but going that route, I'm very worried this will end up quite cave like (which it tends to be irrespective of paint color!)

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated



Here is a link that might be useful: Blog Post suggesting blue (and brown)

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I would look at the more saturated pinky beiges as a starting point for wall color.

The blue will bring out the pink in the tile and I am not sure you want to do that.

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indeed, pal...

I'm trying to "neutralize' the pinky/peachy tone, and my first instinct was to go to a very warm gray (or greige)

There are actually flecks of gray in the tile (it's VERY mottled) and there is also cream....

I've also read to positively steer clear of anything with yellow undertone (unfortunately the techline has a very pronounced yellow undertone for 'white' furniture)

I feel like I'm trying to thread a very fine, impossible needle....

Also...I do plan to put a solid color area rug in the space, originally was going to do a jute or seagrass, but those have (frequently) yellow undertones....if not jute or seagrass, maybe a custom, plush or freize carpet also in a greige-y tone...

I can't believe the amount of conflicting information I read on how to decorate around pinky beige

BTW, I've uploaded a picture of the offending tile (hopefully it will come through)

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Let's see:

Stardust 2108-40
Weimaraner AF-155
Ashley Gray HC-87

One of these tones from Benjamin Moore should work very nicely with your tile ....

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thank you!

all of those colors are excellent...

i think i am more partial to 'ashley gray'

these are more along the lines that i originally thought, but the blue rec from the designer/blog was really throwing me...

anything warmish and saturated would look fantastic with the ivory techline furnishings....i think basically i'm trying to decide if the colour should be more greige or 'tannish'...

cannot believe how HARD grays are to decipher....i think it is one of those colours that when it works well it is beyond fantastic, when it does not, it just appears plain ole' gray, not warm or inviting just like concrete

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Don't know if this helps or not, but here is a picture of the techline storage pieces....they read quite *ivory* in he room, and the flooring is pinky beige....not a good I'm trying to 'tone down' the pinky beige

i do not know why this appears sideways as it is oriented correctly in iphoto, but you get the idea

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Try photo again...

'ivory toned techline storage pieces'

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Lori A. Sawaya

Baking cookies... will get back in a bit.

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I am not seeing much of a conflict between the flooring and cabinetry in the picture. Do you think a close-up would illustrate it better?

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that's probably because my halogen cans tend to wash out the floor colour in photographs...i'll try taking some closeups and other shots ....looking at the photos i agree there does not seem to be much conflict at all...but in real life the the tile does read more pinkish/peachy than the pictures indicate...

i have a LOT of ivory in this room including my cream colored sofa and chair....and i'm basically of a mind that a more saturated colour on the walls would help to contrast with the furnishings...

again, this is a basement with only one smallish window outside....nearly entirely artificial lighting

so, basically the conflict i see is how to get more saturated colour on the walls to contrast well with the ivory furnishings and yet not fight with the pinky/beige (which i think looks much more tan-ish in these photos, most likely due to the halogen lighting)

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I would start by looking for something that is a bit deeper than what is currently on the walls, and adjust its undertone two work with the floors. Since it is seen under artificial lighting, that is how the color should be selected.

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thank you funcolors!

looking forward to hearing from you once you are able to respond


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I'm tending to agree, pal....right now everything looks somewhat 'washed out' and while this is a basement with almost exclusively artificial lighting...i lean toward doing something with more colour saturation

it is EXTREMELY DARK down there without all the lights on, even during the day, so I don't think any high rated light value rating (thank you funcolors for that VERY informative piece) would do much to increase the 'lightness' of the room

the other interesting tidbit here is the HUGE difference between LED and Halogen....i used an LED (2700 i believe) in the hallway leading to the finished basement and i think it brings out the 'pink' even though in photographs it's the exact opposite! the halogen tends to bring out the 'sandy' colors in the tile...

i was hoping to switch out all of the lighting to LED but i'm not sure that would enhance the tile

i've included a close up of the tile and the wall unit but i don't think it is much better than the original pic of the tile i posted...that pic is the closest rendering of the tile as it appears in 3D

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one other quick question...

my ceiling is white currently....the basement as finished is just *shy* of 8 ' ceiling

so i am wondering if doing a lighter version of the wall colour would work better than a high contrast white...the baseboards and doors are being painted BM 'simple white' which is the colour of trim moulding we have upstairs

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hopefully farrow and ball users may see this...

i've been considering using this paint because my walls in this basement are textured and i've been wondering if a chalk based paint would help 'soften' the look....if so, to any farrow and ball users which colour do you think would work best on 'pinky beige'

if i get no response on this, i may create a second topic specifically to farrow and ball...i hope that is allowed!

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I would use the Simply White on the ceiling if that is what you are doing on the trim. It has a similar effect as doing a lighter version of the wall color in that it is correlated to something else rather than being yet another, different, white.

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that's what we did on the main level and it worked well...

still grappling with the wall colour...

blue is definitely off the list

basically i am thinking the choice is between 'beige/tans' or 'greige/grays'

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