Comments on Berenson Cabinet Hardware?

bosdiyerAugust 20, 2013

Anyone have any experience with Berenson cabinet hardware? We're looking at their Aspire line but I'm not familiar with them. I know everything is made in China, but there are good mfrs and not so good ones.

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I have had Berensen Bravo pulls for 18 problems, I like them a lot.

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bosdiyer, I am considering the same line! The samples that I ordered are lovely ... very nicely finished, heavy, and with a nice smooth feel to them. I would go with the brushed nickel, but the brushed tin is really nice, too, if you are looking for something with more of an ORB look ... it's similar, but different and really pretty. I'm not as crazy about the knob choice that comes with the Aspire line ... it's not very tall, so I feel like my fingers would always be touching the cabinets if I used them. I would go with all pulls should I decide to use this line (unless you can suggest another Berenson knob that might look good with the Aspire pulls?). I know there are several people on here who have gone with Berenson ... I haven't heard anything bad about them.

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Thanks for the comments. They're very helpful.
Jellytoast - look at 4088-1BPN-P from the Berenson Laura collection to see if the finish matches the Aspire finish. I think the more traditional shape of the knob may offer more clearance and the shape is compatible. We may do the same thing. Aspire is one of the few lines that offers the pull sizes we need plus an appliance pull. Thought we had it solved with Jeffrey Alexander Sonoma, but their manufacturing quality control is absolute crap. Our dealer brought in 2 shipments and we couldn't make a clean order between the 2 of them!!

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We also have the Berenson Aspire pulls. Most cabinets have the 6.5" pulls BE-92371BPN-P and the smaller lower drawers next to my oven have 5.5" BE-92341BPN-P. We installed them in May and so far we love them. Very sturdy, very easy to grab. We really like the hourglass shape. It gives it a little something extra.

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Texaspenny, do you have any doors on your lowers? Did you use the 128mm pulls on those as well, or the smaller ones?

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I used Berenson Adagio (ORB) pulls and knobs. Love them. The finish is very nice, and it has held up perfectly after 2 years. I think Berenson are good knobs for only a moderate price.

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Brought home a sample board. Did you know they use rivets instead of screws so you can't take the samples off? We're going with the full Aspire line - including the knob in brushed nickel. The brushed tin was pretty, but looks very dark unless it's in direct light, so it would be fine with the white cabinets but get lost on the dark stained cherry.
I looked at a couple of other Bereson pulls but even though they were brushed nickel, Aspire seems to have a linear surface that catches the light slightly differently than some of the other Berenson lines. We're going to use the sizes as follows:
All doors will get knobs.
15" drawers - 96mm
18" drawers - 128mm
27" drawers - 160mm
36" tilt out sink tray - 299mm appliance pull
Thanks to all for your comments and suggestions. We'll post pictures soon as part of our renovation project.

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jellytoast - we do have doors under the sink but used the 160mm pulls on them. You can see it here. We used the 128mm only on the drawers around the oven. I also have the 160mm on 36" drawers and they are plenty long enough.

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