wobbly pots on a Bertazzoni??

sserra85August 23, 2012

It's driving me insane! 3 out of 5 burners have unlevel grates on my new Bertazzoni. It's a 36" Master series with 5 burners gas range. Is this normal? I asked my appiance guy and he said it is normal. I know I didn't pay the big bucks for the professional series, but even my rinky-dink no name 30 inch stove had level grates.

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Sorry...my 6 mo. old Berta grates are not unlevel and no wobbles. Did you write to Bertazzoni?

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My former 30" Berta was solid. Loved that stovetop.

I'd check to be sure it's not the legs that need to be more carefully leveled first. Then check to be sure the top is level. Maybe dealer will exchange the grates.

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Thanks, i did check the legs, it is clearly the grates. The pots sit on 3 parts of it, and the 4th is short so thats why they wobble. I just put out an email to Bertazzoni, I just didn't feel like arguing with my retailer once they told me that its normal. Now that I know its definitely a defect, I hope they will resolve it quickly.

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Not normal. I have the 30" gas range and all pots are rock solid.

Just a thought ... If you put the grate on the counter and put the pot omit, does the pot still wobble? I know the grates are cast iron (or something like that) so they shouldn't flex but that would help you isolate it from being a stovetop issue or grate issue.

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I don't have a Bertazzoni, but I love them and have spent hours at the appliance store playing with them. This may be a naive question but are you sure you have the grates on the stove top correctly? I doubt that's the problem but felt it should be asked.
Also, what you are describing about the 3 wobbly burners having 3 good parts and a 4th short part sounds strange. I have a major symmetry hang up and I think I recall them being very symmetrical. I looked up a spec picture and there does not appear to be a 'short' part.

From Kitchen Planning

Is this what your stove top looks like? If not did you see delvery people remove from packing, maybe you do not have right grates?
Also, and speaking as the former customer service director for a fortune 500 company, your appliance guys response that it is "normal" is unacceptable. Ask to speak to the store manager, or owner. Ask for the name of the store Bertazzoni representative. I met the Bertazzoni rep for my area at a store grand opening event- he would be appalled. He would be at your house personally fixing the problem.
Just another thought, if there was a Bertazzoni on display where you purchased your stove, take your grate there and do an in person comparison. Even if you purchased online, take your grate to a local store with a Berta on display and go and compare.
This is a real problem. You deserve a solution and not a brush off.

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Level grates here - not the slightest wobble.

I have found Bertazzoni to be very responsive to customer queries, so I hope you get a replacement from them: they sent me a spare simmer ring when I enquired if they were available, for no charge.

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Maybe I didn't describe it right. See in the diagram the 4 inward pointy things (my words fail me)... one of them is lower than the rest, so the pot sits on 3 points instead of 4, and therefore it wobbles and the pot does not heat evenly.

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That sounds like a fault to me - all the pot support parts should be level. I think your appliance guy seems clueless - pots need to be level for both efficient heating, and for safety: there should be no wobbling unless caused by a warped saucepan itself.

Definitely take it up with Bertazzoni - email them a photo perhaps too - I really found them to be tremendously supportive. I think they're very aware that the US is their expansion market, and they can't afford to have disappointed customers in a new market.

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If all four pointy things are not the same length that means the shorter one will only fit one specific corner that's shaped to match it. Try rotating the grate until you find the wobble-free configuration. There are only four possible choices- it shouldn't take you very long to find it.

BTW, I fully empathize as it takes me eons to put anything together. My handicap is that I tend to be too literal and too logical for my own good. Good luck!

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