Speaking of wallpaper

schoolhouse_gwDecember 18, 2013

mntrdredux began a thread about wallpaper and I just had to share the snippets of a wallpaper I discovered under a layer of another paper in my kitchen years ago. The paper had torn and I peeled it back to reveal this charming but unusual paper for a kitchen. The gold highlights are actually shiny! I was cleaning out a bookcase recently and came across them again.

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I really, really like that paper. I think I've seen something similar at my house. ( 1930s). I have saved some snippets myself but of course can't find them now.

I have enjoyed the recent threads about wallpaper, but the papers being used would be too fancy for my house.

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That's so cool, Schoolhouse.

Does the bottom snippet have another paper on top (a flower)?

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No, the bottom snippet is one piece, no layer over it. I didn't think to arrange it correctly on the scanner. It probably should have been given a half turn clockwise.

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Holly- Kay

That is so cool! I would love to see a bigger slice of it.

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The PO before I moved in had re-papered, a couple times. Then I painted over the wall paper (yeah I know). Currently there is bead board, so I don't think I'll get to see the entire wall with the vintage paper anytime soon.

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