Cabinet pull sizes

Kristen HallockAugust 1, 2013

I am going with the Top Knob Hopewell design I think. I found a good deal on ebay that is going to be $50 less than other places I have seen online.

I am going to do the same style pulls for all of my cabinets. No knobs, just pulls. I was planning on doing a 7" (total length) ones on all of my upper doors (except my very tall pantry doors) and all of my drawers that are 24" or less.

Then I was going to order the ones that are 11.75" for my drawers that are larger than 24" - these include 1 36" 3-drawer stack, 2 33" 3-drawer stacks, a 30" 3-drawer stack, the lower tall doors on my 24" wide pantry cabinet, and the tilt out on the 36" wide sink base.

I know its all personal preference, but do these sizes seem OK to you? I dont want them to be too small and lost on the drawer, but I dont like when they take up the entire width of the drawer either.

My cabinets are natural maple shaker style and the finish on the pulls would be brushed nickel

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7" pulls are pretty big. Use some tape to mock it up. 3" and 4" are the most commonly used sizes.

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Kristen Hallock

Well I am imagining it looking somewhat like this. Except my pulls will be shorter (i think) than the ones on the doors here. The drawers look about the size I am going for though.

aren't 3 or 4" pulls more traditional? My kitchen is more transitional I think.

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Kristen Hallock

I forgot to add that I did buy a 7.25" pull from Lowes and I like that for the smaller size on my cabinets. But I think the size should be larger for the drawers that are wider than 24".

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It is really basic stuff in decorating/design.....but I just heard of it within the last week so perhaps it is new to you, too: "rule of thirds".

I might not like a 11.75 on a 24" pantry, but ymmv.

I really like reducing things that are design/decor/art to math - I can DO math!

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Here's what I did on mine, and I'm quite pleased with the look and feel: 4" on all uppers and the drawers less than 20", I have two shallow 22" drawers where I used 6" pulls. On my 26" drawers, which are all over 10" deep, I used 13" pulls, and on my two large 36" x 10+" drawers, I used 17" pulls. Only one regret, on my 64" tall pantry, I used a 6", and now think a 13" may have looked better...

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I think the sizes you are considering will be just fine. I went even a little bigger and used 10 inch pulls on all my 39 inch upper cabinets but a short pull on the short cabinet above my refrigerator. Just for a point of reference, here is what 10 inch pulls look like.

In the picture below the drawers on the left are 23 inches wide and have pulls that are 12.75 inches. So pretty close to the 11.75 on a 24 inch drawers that you want. The center drawers are 36 inches wide but as you can see I have very large pulls on them. The drawers on the right are 17 inches wide and have a 10 inch pull

My personal preference was to have my drawer pulls be about half the width of the drawer. Just pick what you like. If you think that 3 or 4 inch pulls are too traditional and that's not the look you want, then don't worry about what other people think about longer width pulls. Use what makes you happy.

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I used long pulls only on the tall, 30" wide drawers, allowing one or two-hands to pull out big heavy drawers. Everywhere else I went with standard 128mm (3-3/4") pulls, including the shallower drawers above the tall ones which are split into two 15"w drawers

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Lee676 - can you post pics of yours please?

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128 mm is 5 inches. I used that size on all my drawers, which range from 12 to 30 inches. I used 96 mm (3&3/4 inches) for my 36 in uppers.

I think as long as you mock it up and it doesn't look ridiculous to you, then you should be fine. Consistency seems to help too, either all the same size but used in twos as needed or all around the same ratio in size to the cabinet. Seems like if you have a set of rules that you follow almost anything works, as you can see by all the different strategies people use on GW.

I have yet to see someone use the pulls they Iove and apply a logical size rule and not have it come out great!

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