OT, how large a sink for laundry room?

michoumonsterAugust 2, 2012

Hi all, sorry this is slightly off topic, but I was wondering, what is a good size for a laundry room sink? i know there is a laundry forum, but the people in kitchens forum are so responsive and nice and so good with layout, i just had to ask here... currently I don't have a laundry room, only a closet, so i never had a sink before. But we will have a 7x5 laundry room in our next house. once the washer/dryer is in (I plan to stack them), there will be room for a small sink area and a bit of counter space. The larger the sink, the less counterspace i will have.. so want to see what might be a good balance? do you find the sink useful or more counters? any thoughts or recommendations? thank you!!

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Fori is not pleased

I've had laundry sinks (but never with counters!) and except for kitchen remodeling, never much used them. Do you plan on handwashing things or is it just for washing hands? Will your washer drain into it, retro-style? (That's the only reason I can think of for an old-school extra deep utility sink.)

I would determine function first. And I'd probably end up with a fairly small sink!

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Not sure why you need a sink at all. I don't have one in mine. The only thing I could think of using it for is to rinse out the lint filter on the washer and in my case I do that in the bathroom next door when necessary.

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My laundry room is not large so we wanted the most countertop space we could get and still have a sink. We use our sink quite often. It is small but serves its purpose. According to kohlers website it can fit into a base cabinet as small as 21 inches. Here is a picture of it:

We a bank of drawers next to it and then the countertop extends over the front load washer and dryer. I had no countertop in there before and love having it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kohler utility sink

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I am having cabinetry put in laundry room but asked not to have a sink put in. Don't have one now, don't need one - but how nice that counter space is going to be! (Will have a sink in garage, however, for paintbrushes and such.) I agree with others - I think the question of what you will use it for is key to deciding how big it should be, that is, if you even want one at all.

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In addition to what you would use the sink for, it depends on where the sink is in your house. Is it near other sinks? Is it near the garage? Is it near outside? etc. Ours is right off our garage, so it's tremendously useful for dirty hands, washing paint brushes, etc. When hubby comes home with dirty hands from work or fishing, this sink welcomes him into the house ("WASH YOUR HANDS!! NOW!!! before you touch every door knob") That makes his wife happy.

If we didn't have that sink, we could walk into the kitchen which is the next room over. I could live with that, but the laundry sink is nice to segregate the mess.

Also, I throw dirty kitchen/cleaning towels in the sink when the washer is full.

Ours is a normal utility type sink, btw. It's a nice, deep size.

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I will use my laundry sink to soak clothes that get stained before I have a chance to wash them. i.e. when DS manages to get blueberries and cherries under his legs and smash them into his pants in the high chair, I can soak the shorts before the stain has a chance to set, but not have to do laundry right away. Right now I use a plastic tub for this, but need to go to the kitchen to get water.

I'll also use it for the dog's bath cause DH doesn't like the dog in the kitchen sink where we will put dishes and stuff.

We just got whatever the standard $80 sink was. I think it's about 20" wide, and it's deep. If not for the dog thing, I would have gone a lot smaller.

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Gotta agree it totally depends on where your laundry room is located and how you'll be using it. My laundry room also serves as a mud room. I love my big sink and use it to wash out the kids muddy sneakers, paint brushes and all the really dirty gunk I wouldn't want near my kitchen sink. Mine is 24 26" about about 15" deep. I'd rather it was wider and shallower.

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Hi everyone, thanks for all the ideas. the laundry room will be off of all of the bedrooms in the house, it is more of a central utility room with the electrical panels in there too. So it is not as useful for hand-washing or containing mess like a laundry room located near the garage would be, but useful as a laundry dumping ground for all of the bedrooms. Function-wise, the immediate idea I had for a sink is to soak things in bleach and do rinsing of toddler mess items (sorry for TMI, but we are going through our twins' potty training right now, lol!). DH thinks a laundry sink would be good to wash dirty shoes. Now I am thinking from everyone's feedback that I don't need a huge sink. Maybe a prep sink size would be plenty, but would a deep sink be useful? most laundry sinks are very deep for some reason..

Badgergal, your laundry sink is really beautiful! A question for you, the kohler link says your sink is "tile-in" though I see you have it undermounted. Is that easy to do? I would love to have granite counters like yours rather than tile counters..

for those that love your laundry room counterspace, what do you use it for?
Is lots of counterspace only useful if you fold clothes in there, or maybe for ironing? initially i was thinking if i stack the washer/dryer, i could also have a 3' wide tall cabinet for storage, but maybe more counterspace would be better?

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Fori is not pleased

You're in an area where shoes can get hosed off outside year 'round--are you sure you want muddy shoes carried through your house to get to the sink? :P

Me, I'd pick something like Badgergal's sink. Deep enough to soak clothes but not stupid deep like traditional laundry sinks. I've had two laundry sinks and both were the extra deep utility ones. They were not what you'd want to soak things in. And both had the washer drains dumping into them so if they weren't that deep, they'd probably splatter.

Remember that if you stack the washer and dryer, it will be that much longer before the twins can do their own laundry.

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When it came to our remodel my wife was "stove, eh whatever. Refrigerator, eh, whatever. I MUST HAVE A LAUNDRY SINK." Coming from Australia she'd never lived in a house without one before. She does hand wash a fair number of clothes as well as soaking clothes, and doesn't like rinsing any non-food related things (like mops or paintbrushes) in the kitchen sink (and the bathroom sink is really small).

We have a 24" wide Ikea sink:

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For the laundry room application, I find that depth is more useful than horizontal dimension.

My current sink is over 15" deep. It's a single bowl - wish it had an attached drainboard.

I use my laundry sink primarily for soaking items to be washed afterward in my machines. I have a pre-soak function on one of my machines, but it doesn't provide full-immersion soaking where I can keep checking on the progress of stain removal as I can in a sink.

For working on small items (blouse, sweater, linergie, etc.) any sink would do. For larger things: slipcovers, down jackets and comforters, curtains, and especially tablecloths, nothing beats a deep sink. Well, of course there's the bathtub, but the main purpose of a laundry sink is getting soaking items out of the tub and me off my knees kneeling beside it to work on them!

If you don't do any pre-wash soaking or stain treating then sink size probably doesn't matter as much. But I find that option cuts down on laundry issues and gets better cleaning than just tossing it all in, dosing with tons of chemicals and hoping for the best.

Of course I use the sink for regular laundry-type jobs: filling the steam iron reservoir; dumping the dryer condensate; washing the washing machine detergent drawers and the dryer screens; and diluting powdered starch and laundry chemicals. But it's the soaking function which the most critcal aspect of a laundry sink for me.

I am of two minds about whether to use my laundry sink as a larger, general purpose sink for rough cleaning (e.g. paint brushes, litter boxes, mop buckets, etc.) On one hand it seem duplicative to have two sinks (utility and laundry), but to be honest I am leaning towards doing just that as I refine my laundry room ideas. Actually I'd like to have a small utility room separate from my laundry room where I also iron.

Haven't worked this out, yet.

My preference for deeper laundry sinks is very strong. But if depth is not possible, then at least some access to a water would be an essential feature of a laundry, IMO.


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Michoumonster: I guess I linked the tile in version of that sink but it also comes in an undercount version with 1 or 3 holes pre-drilled. It comes with an undermount kit. We didnt install it ourselves but as I recall it was no problem for the granite guys to mount it.
Below is the link for the single hole undermount version. If you click on the demensions/ measurement tab it shows the 3 hole version. The prices on the Kohler website are way higher than what we paid for it.
My laundry room is also located right by my garage so the sink gets typical coming in from outside use as well as filling pails, washing golf clubs, soaking items etc. Besides folding clothes the countertops are an loading/unloading place for things being brought into or out of the house. The countertop is extra deep to completely cover the washer and dyer. We have a wall of 15 inch deep upper cabinets above the counters. The uppers hold all different kinds of supplies. Don't know what I would do without the counter or the uppers.

Here is a link that might be useful: Undermount sink

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Fori, your post made me laugh. Partly why i want to stack the machines is to prevent the twins from messing with them. They LOVE pressing buttons... as for washing shoes, i hate hosing anything down outdoors. always end up spraying myself. haha..

Badgergal, thanks for the info on the kohler sink. it seems ideal for my space and now I really want it, but it may be out of budget. i did an amazon search for laundry sinks and they are all so pricey! the kohler tandem sink also looks very interesting with all of the extra strainers and attachements too.. sigh..

Gregincal, thanks for the feedback and the pic also. it really helps me visualize how much sink i truly need. I will look into the ikea sinks too. They may be more budget-friendly for me.

Liriodendron, you make great points for the laundry sink! the depth sounds like it is important too. i am hoping I can find one within budget. If it helps you to decide on your laundry room planning, the Kohler website has a laundry room with 2 sinks, one that sits on the ground, and the other on the cabinets. If you have the space and budget for it, it seems very functional and convenient to have two sinks. here is the pic from kohler..

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This is the Ikea sink we have. I like it a lot, it's quite deep but compact (only needs a 24" cabinet). Also, it has it's own stainless steel trim around, so you don't need to worry about sealing the sink to the countertop. It's a little funky because the front angles back like a washboard, which can be good or bad depending on how you use the sink (I like it because if you only want to fill it a little it doesn't take much water, but holds a lot up to the top).

Here is a link that might be useful: Ikea Numerar sink

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When we remodeled we repurposed the sink and counter from the kitchen for the laundry room. I had never had a laundry room sink before - I love having it. The laundry room is located by the garage door, when working outside it is useful to wash hands and other things instead of the kitchen sink. It is very large and I plan to get a board made for it that will slide to one side to give me more counter space. If you have the space and ability to have even a small utility sink I would do it. I think a deep one would be more useful than a large shallow sink.

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If you are going to drain the washer into the sink you need enough volume to hold a whole washer cycle in the sink in case the drain clogs (and all it takes is a small object to block most sink drains, like a sock).

If you have a standpipe it is not as easy to clog since things normally do not fall into the pipe by accident.

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gregincal, thanks for the link, that numerar sink seems like the best bang for the buck for a deep sink.
rtwilliams, that is a lovely laundry room. i think that is as much counterspace as I will get to have as well if I go for some tall storage next to the stacked washer/dryers too.
brickeyee, i don;t believe my washer will drain into the sink. is this something good to do? i am doing a new construction so i can ask our GC to do that if it has benefits over separate drains.

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Yes get that IKEA sink, I have coveted that sink for over a year now. I think it is great. I've seen it in person too. If you put a counter next to it you will have to butt it up to the sink as it has that 2" or so integrated counter surrounding the sink. I don't think it is intended to be bottom mounted. I love that laundry sink. It even has the wash board integrated into the front.

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We have the Ikea sink. The laundry room is on our 2nd floor and the sink serves all sorts of purposes. I suppose I could fill a bucket in the tub down the hall, but I prefer to do it at the sink. The water flow is faster than our bathroom sink and the faucet is higher and doesn't get in the way like our bathroom one does.

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zelmar, thanks for the additional pic of the ikea sink. and your experience using it. i didn't think about filling up buckets, but that sounds like something very useful.

enduring, it definitely is on my shortlist after all the great comments on it. it sounds ideal for a laundry room especially having a washboard integrated in it. though i have to admit, i have never used a washboard before and just tried to wring out clothes by hand. i have to figure out if i can undermount it as i do prefer that look slightly more..

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>i have to figure out if i can undermount it as i do prefer that look slightly more..

You should see the sink in person before spending a lot of time trying to do that. It is one deep sink and I know that I would have a lot of trouble reaching the bottom if it were any lower than it is. It's a long way down there.

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