need help w Lighting for Powder Room

mlweaving_MarjiDecember 4, 2013

main floor powder room, totally interior, 5'5"x5'5"x10'

I can't help myself, this is my room where I'm totally giving in to the sea and shell theme. The turtle is the drain cover in the sink.
Our cabinet maker is building the sink base and it will be painted blue to go with the wallpaper. Floor is statuarietto tile. Cabinet maker is also building a frame that will house the mirror over the sink, also painted finish - fairly simple square lines.

I was in the framed out space yesterday and I'm thinking I need a ceiling fixture.
Does anyone have any great ideas as to what might work in here? My brain is so saturated with having had to make lighting decisions, and I'm second guessing every decision I've made.
Or conversely, do you think that the over-the-mirror light will be enough? The walls and floor are pretty white.

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I think the fixture over the sink will be fine for a powder room that size, especially if the lights are 60w.

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Agreed. We have a 3x5-ish interior powder room and we just have a single-light sconce over the sink, and it's enough.

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I like a pretty hanging light in any room, quite frankly. So it's not a question of is your light over the sink enough (probably is...) It's more - do you want a pretty light in your powder room.

Fixtures for above or beside mirrors are pretty mundane, in my opinion. They all begin to look the same to me. Whereas you can get more creative with a pendant etc.

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I would look for a more interesting light over the sink. Maybe a blue sea glass kind of thing.

A powder room is a good place to be a little adventuresome,and the one you chose is not.

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I went looking for a less boring light fixture.

of the two I like best, one is too big and way out of budget for this room....and the other is discontinued. I think hanging a pair of sea glass floats that have been turned into lights in the corner of the powder room off center of the mirror would be perfect.
Of all things, they were from PBTeen, and they are no more, and nothing I could search out on the net comes close.
There's a lot that I will try to DIY, but making lights out of glass floats is not one of them. ;(

I should mention that we have 10' ceilings, and that I walked into the framed space and suggested to dh that we should lower the ceiling in this room so it doesn't look so much like an elevator shaft! He just shook his head no.
So the stack of wallpaper in this rendering is to scale, in that there is 10' worth of repeats. I tried to scale how the stool and sink will fit, and how much wall is left. Wonder if I should do some sort of chair rail up around 8' and then paint the top of the wall and ceiling a deep blue to bring that height down a bit.

In that regard I think the sea glass Arteriors chandy works well. It's only 11" wide but 25" tall. It too could hang towards the corner, off center in the mirror.

I kind of like the capiz shell sconce but I think it's awfully wide. The oyster shell sconce is really a good size, and I'd hang it so that it hung over the frame of the mirror, ... but it's got all that chrome and all those crystals which are just OTT for this room.

Violet, didn't mean to ignore you earlier. Yes, I think that for a powder room that is pretty much strictly for guests, it isn't necessary to have lighting that will allow for grooming.

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I like the Arteriors chandelier. How about adding some crown molding at the ceiling?

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I like the beaded sconce or the arteriors. What a gorgeous bathroom it will be!

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Love your selections, what a beautiful, serene room this will be! What is your budget for lighting? This is one of my all time favorites:

Here is a link that might be useful: Scabetti

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Thanks for hanging in with me.
Romy, there will be crown moulding, I'm just trying to decide if I should bring it down to 9' around the room then treat the rest of the wall above it and the ceiling as the same, or take the wallpaper all the way up. It does affect how much wallpaper I need to order.

Options at this point

The Smoky Blue is the color of the builtins in the LR, probably I would choose something not quite so greyed to go with wallpaper. Indigo is fairly deep, I chose it quickly just trying to get an idea. Again, I'd be more discerning in paint choice once I narrow it down to "deep" or "greyed"

Any thoughts?

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OMG Oldbat2be, That is just amazing!
I'm equally sure it's got an amazing price tag on it, as it's more a piece of art than light fixture.
I've written for their pricing though, as each piece is a commission.
I'm certain it couldn't work for the powder room. The smallest diameter piece I see that they've done is 20", and those fish are really in a tight circle. I'm thinking the 11" diameter Arteriors is pushing the envelope on size in there.

But if a fixture doesn't cost half of what my mortgage is I might consider commissioning a piece, and figure out where to put it. I have several spaces in mind at the moment.

Thank you for posting it.

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Oh I'm so glad you appreciated the site! With the 10' ceilings, it could look amazing. I DO think of these as pieces of art. Unfortunately, saddled with 8' ceilings as I am, I haven't been able to fit this in...except in my wood burning stove room (hmmm.. maybe?). Please do post with pricing info once you receive. I may have requested and forgotten (as I tend to with unpleasant things).

Anyway, absolutely love your wallpaper and color scheme.

I guess I haven't been following. Is this a new build for you? How very exciting! If you have links to a blog or other posts with more details, I'd love to read more. Many of your choices just resonate with me.

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I like how the more vibrant blue (Indigo) contrasts with the white marble floor & bathroom fixtures. I wish I had a valid opinion on the height of the wallpaper but I just don't have that "design vision". The Arteriors chandelier is showing up as green on my moniter. Is the Beaded Sconce a sconce or a chandelier? The Seychelles chandelier is pretty but do you need something with more height?

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Annie Deighnaugh

Love the glass floats fixture....just beautiful. Of course I'm a sucker for blue glass.

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Just a note about pendants and 1/2 baths. I went through a parade home this past spring that used a pendant. Granted the room had a pretty deep and saturated paint color but the pendant was the only light and it was definitely not enough.

So I'd just be sure that the wattage is what you need. It was very pretty and I liked the look but functionally it really didn't do the job.

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Success!! doing the happy dance.
Found a seaglass curtain pendant that will fit and is priced well and I ordered it.

PS, Annie, I loved the blue glass globes too, and if I'd been able to find anything like them I would have gone that route. Alas, they're discontinued and gone.

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That's lovely! It's going to look beautiful with your other choices.

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Yay ! Now when can we expect to start seeing progress pictures? Best, oldbat2be

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Ok Ob2b, :-)

progress pics are ending up on the Build a Home forum board, on the progress threads.
Inspiration pic for when we started working with builder and designer. We've made lots of changes, but this is the general idea of what our house will look like.

And here are two progress pics

Here is a link that might be useful: Thread_on_general_lighting

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Love the light fixture you ordered. What a great porch on your new home!

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Oh my! What fun to see and certainly to be designing and living through. Fabulous bones! I think I need to head over to the Build a Home forum to keep current. Thanks for posting.

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