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tstrombotnAugust 10, 2012

Has anyone installed an American Standard Prevoir double sink? Did you have any issues with your granite fabricator?

I really didn't like the looks of granite seams, and I have a long stretch of counter that will require a seam. I know everyone does under-mount sinks with granite, but I found this American standard Prevoir double sink that is stainless from the backsplash to the front of the counter, so it will hide any seams I need to have. So despite the expense, after finding it for half the suggested retail online, I bought it. My husband justified the expense in the "I won't have to listen to her complain about this until the end of time" category!

But my granite fabricator has not seen this sink before. so I was just wondering if there was anything special I could tell them so I get this flawless looking countertop and sink combination.

Any input would be appreciated.

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I googled this sink but didn't find one that was stainless from the backsplash to the front. Can you post a picture? I would assume that if there is a seam in the back in the center which would be covered according to your description of the sink, there would be a seam in the front as well but you are saying the sink goes from "front to back" so there is no countertop surround at all on the sink? Is it a farmhouse front?

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know your numbers. The distance this sink covers, front to back. What is this distance?

Then, what is the "depth" of your counter?

The sink has to cover the same distance as the counter depth. It is designed to cover the space from the backsplash to the front of the counter. Very good plan. Btw, I wouldn't pay thousands for it. I would buy an Ikea sink or two and have a welder make the folded steel panel that copies the countertop and he would weld it onto the sinks. This is what is done inside the factory anyway, so why not control the whole process yourself? And, there are sink companies willing to do it all to your specifications: Franke and Rachiele are two that come to mind right now.

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