Designing for the "Big and Tall"

kitchendetectiveDecember 28, 2012

GardenWeb consultants, help me, please. I've been asked to find furniture for a friend of DS2. He needs one comfortable chair and a sofa bed. Here is the catch: he cannot afford custom made furniture and he is 6'7" tall and almost 400 lbs. Is this going to be possible?

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When you say he can't afford custom furniture, have you looked at Decades Furniture? I ask because for couches they are reasonable and a lot of their couches have multiple seat depths available (I'm assuming this guy has long femurs). The 2 guys who own Decades are both big body builder types - like people you think would be in WWF based on their breadth and build.

Maybe he could look at their sofas and rethink the sofa bed aspect. An airmattress is usually more comfortable than a sofa bed in its bed-state. And an air mattress is easy to move from one apartment to another :)

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Wow! Thank you! Had never heard of this source, and it's right in my backyard! (And the owner looks like DS's friend, to boot.)

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Wasn't one of the owners of Decades Furniture on HGTV for a while? I can't think of the show but I know I've seen him on a decorating program before


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Oops, guess I should've checked out the website a little more.

I read their profile and it does say Roger was part of "Sell this House" on A&E.


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