Diameter/style of drapery rods and finial for this room

Scarlett001December 1, 2012

When I painted my house (you can see the Ivoire issues in my other post), I took down the old silver curtain rod in the kitchen. I need to buy a new curtain rod even if I paint again, as this window is sliding door with neighbour's window looking right in at my kitchen. We are talking about the big sliding door window that just shows up in the very right of the photograph.

I am going with oil-rubbed bronze to match the kitchen light. What diameter of actual curtain rod would you choose (1 inch or perhaps even larger??)? What shape of finials might suit this space (more round, more square in shape etc.)?

Thank you for any thoughts!!

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I don't know where the photo is that you are referring to, but I think it is a matter of personal preference, and somewhat determined by the visible 'weight" of the draperies. Heavy velvet drapes would have chunky rods, a set of sheers would have a thinner rod.

The shape of the finial could reflect the style of the furniture. Or just be a shape that you like.

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