Kitchen layout for new construction, help needed :)

sweet.reverieAugust 21, 2012


One level house with a small bonus room on second floor.

We have two kids under 2.5- no more to come in the future :)

I just think I need to arrange things in a better way.

I want to keep as many windows as I can without sacrificing too much cabinet space.

We are not really entertainers. Both my husband and I cook.

We can't change the overall layout too much but we need to put the appliances in better spots for efficiency.

I am worried about getting rid of windows since out lot is wooded in the PNW.

I went through the "before you post" info, if I left anything out or you what other details, let me know :)

Thanks for looking.

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I think overall it would work well for the way I cook. I would want the island all one level though as it is more space to spread out.

The other thing would be what kind of Fridge you would have. Would it have enough space to open against the wall there. Also would want to consider where it is in relation to everyday glasses. Although for getting food it is convenient in the work triangle, it is less so for getting a glass of milk or if indoor water a glass of water during the day.

One thing I would look at doing though is rearrange the mudroom a little bit. I wouldn't want the w/d in front of the door there. Where the worst of the dirt from outside would be and where if bent down removing clothes you could get a door swung on you by a kid rushing in.

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I agree that my one-level island is really nice for big projects. It's a tradeoff.

I'd make windows in the kitchen a priority. You have a nice pantry and tons of under-counter storage. From this side of the screen, I'm guessing you simply don't need practically 2 walls of uppers (that's for people with serious storage problems). Most people only use the bottom shelf and the front of the next one routinely; plus, only part of the stuff stored there is actually used frequently enough to justify hanging a cabinet there for it. Maybe make a list of what you really want to be able to reach right up for as a way of deciding what cabinets to mount?

The mud room is a great place for a wet family to pile into (love that the entry is actually from outside instead of a dry, paved garage) but you might cut the cubbies and bench (unless you plan on running a preschool) and put in more tall storage. Two or three seats are enough, although once the little ones are past the age of your putting on and taking off their boots, they'll never actually be sitting there at the same time anyway. :)

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Lyfia: Yes, island will be one level. I agree about that. Good thought about the fridge and the wall- I had not thought about that. I agree, we also need to take a look at the mudroom as well. Doesn't the dryer need to be by an outside wall for venting? Thanks so your help!

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I'd reverse the range and sink walls plus look again at the ref-oven locations. It makes cleanup end up in a more convenient location - dishes can be ferried to/from the table while cooking is progressing. Also, people can reach the ref for putting stuff away without blocking the main aisle to cleanup.

I would take advantage of all of the available width for the island. Having both sides of the island have 5+ feet wide might be a little much.

Getting out the blue tape either outside or in a garage is a way to practice stuff like aisle widths. A couple of cardboard boxes can help too. If the island was a little wider then I could arrange the seating as 2+2 around the corner - it's more convivial, but also lets the prep sink move closer to where the new location of the cooktop would be.

The refrigerator and the pantry being on two different sides of the room might get you some exercise.

Drawing is to communicate and not intended to be anything more than illustrations of a couple of points. Mostly, I'm talking about marginal improvements.

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As short of a distance as possible for venting outside is best. Not always done though and people have it go straight up through the roof. I think there is a max distance. Shortest is best though.

You could move where the door is in the mudroom to separate it into more zones, maybe turn the washer/dryer to be against the outside wall and have the entry in the corner. Then no worries about the door swing and in the path of muddy foot prints. You wouldn't have as much wall space that way though.

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bmorepanic: Thanks for drawing those! I like the recessed fridge option, gives more windows!

Thank you everyone else, I will pass all ideas on to our drafter.

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The one thing about alt 1 that bmore posted (right side) is that it puts the island *right* in the way of the sink/fridge path... You'll always be dancing around that island (unless you put in a prep sink).

Just to make you aware of that.

I do like (and suggested in your build post) the idea of switching sink and cooktop walls, as bmore did in the left hand sketch.

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@kirkhall - I think you may have missed the prep sink? I drew a circular one - which I didn't expect to stay put in that exact location.

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a few ideas:

- swap the refrigerator and ovens
- put the MW in the island - 24" Sharp drawer version
- swap the cubbies and the W/D. You can store more mudroom items by the laundry drop. This way you aren't walking past the laundry to exit the house.
- double sliding doors on pantry, or move the door slightly and have one sliding door.

Your kitchen needs little improvement, it is a good layout overall in my opinion.

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Nice plan. Pretty much comes down to tweaking at this point.

I am mixed on pulling the fridge far away from the prep sink, as I like the tight arrangement of fridge to prep to cooktop in the original. And the fridge near the dining area. So I actually like your original plan best - BUT with Bmore's bigger island and wider windows at the sink.

There is a lot of counter along that left sink run. Do you want a dedicated closet/cabinet for cleaning supplies/vaccuum, broom etc? A message center? Beverage center?

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Since no one has mentioned it, it's not possible to put a ref right up against a corner wall that is longer than the BODY of the ref. This is because for most, but not all refrigerators, the doors are hinged in such a way that they open out to side of the ref body - like some tv units where the doors store on the outside sides of the unit when open - but ref doors just don't open that far.

Generally, the ref needs to be placed anywhere from 6" to 15" away from the corner depending the exact make and model.

There can be other issues. Door handles can hit (-really, eventually punch a hole into) the wall - even at just a 90 degree opening. Most refs need the doors to open more than 90 degrees for cleaning but a goodly number need the door open further to operate the drawers.

Ones that can be placed right up against a corner are called fully integrated. Some refrigerator columns, some gaggenau, and a few others at a pretty steep price scale.

Really not dis'in' you or JennieMer, but the location of the ref in your original drawing or Jennie's drawing really can't be done. Most people insert a utility cupboard or pullout pantry in the actual corner for this exact reason.

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