drop-in sink in butcherblock counters?

boops2012August 17, 2013

Staceyneil posted about BB counters and finding a sink w/o issues. So I thought I would start a new thread.
Any one have a suggestion for a drop- in? Under mount with or w/o apron front seems to have a moisture issue. Someone has the Kohler Vault top mount but it seems to have no space for the faucet to deck mount. Water around the faucet appears to be problematic with that configuration.
The poster with the multiple molding issues has got me re-thinking my counter choice.

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We have the IKEA Boholmen

http://ths.gardenweb.com/forums/load/kitchbath/msg041142382693.html has some pics.

We attached the sink to the countertop with it upside down, using plenty of good clear silicon caulk, tightened it down, then filled in the remaining groove with more caulk.

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"Someone has the Kohler Vault top mount but it seems to have no space for the faucet to deck mount."

The Kohler Vault has faucet hole(s) in its wide back rim, so the faucet does indeed sit on the sink deck when the sink is top mounted -- assuming we are talking about the same part of the sink. I have a top mounted Vault in a wood counter and the faucet base sits on the metal sink rim, not directly on wood.

Our round Ikea top mounted sink does not have a wide rim, so in that case the faucet is mounted on the wood counter. We have had no trouble with it either, but we are careful to wipe up splashes. (There is only infrequent splashing outside the Vault because it's so big; the low divider as opposed to a full-height one also helps.)

We have our faucet handles oriented toward the front and we use motion-sensor soap pumps. Both of those things help keep the water in the sink, not on the counter.

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wipe up as often as possible and you will be fine. Oil away or waterlox it. It is doable but higher maintenance.

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will2kz, your sink/counter set up is beautiful!

We have the Elkay Lustertone double drainboard sink in butcher block counters finished with PolyOsmo oil, and are loving it. It's been 8 months since installation, so I'm not speaking from years of experience, but it has been great so far. The faucet is mounted on the sink, not in the counter, and I'm glad we went that route. Realistically, we (mainly my 6-yr-old) just aren't as on top of wiping up every drop of water as I think we'd want to be if the faucet and soap dispenser were mounted in the wood.

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Just want to say that we have had an Elkay Lustertone sink with a drainboard and maple counters for 37 years!
We now have Waterlox on the counter. In the past we used Watco Danish Oil. I do keep a towel behind the sink and the back splash to catch water drips. That is the only place we had any problem. With some sanding and a bit of wood filler we were able to correct the problem.

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