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swfrAugust 9, 2013

I have been slowly designing my kitchen. GW has been a tremendous resource for ideas and opinions. I thought it was time to bring back my current work and see what other great ideas and insight I might glean from you all.

The KD from Reico just got back to me with her drawings. There are a few things out of date already, but I will outline them here and hopefully you can call my attention to anything else I might want to consider.

These are the changes I am definitely going back to the KD with:
1) I'm definitely going to do a counter-depth fridge. I don't want the big SS elephant on the main cook wall and having it CD will hopefully help de-emphasize it. I have a large walk-in pantry right around the corner and my extra fridge will be in there.

2) My microwave might also go in the pantry, but I'm not sure about that. Otherwise, I might put it to the left of the fridge.

3) I want the cooktop to be the emphasis of the main wall. For that reason, I want the vent hood built ins to go to 9' (ceiling height) and have some design flair.

These are the questions I have:
1) Center the prep sink? Or off set it so that it sits between the fridge and the stove?
2) Do an angle in the corner for a lazy susan on the bottom? Or do the current super susan on the bottom and just have that be the end of the run up top? I find that corner very hard to plan.

Here's the pro's version of the main cooking wall. It doesn't reflect my decision to go with a CD fridge or a built in vent hood to the ceiling.

Here's the pro's birds eye view. The wall on the top right doesn't stick out that much in reality. And the windows on the sink wall are bigger than she drew them.

Here's the pro's version of the sink wall:

Here's the floorplan for the entire first floor.

Here's the pro's version of the island: (Ignore the wall to the right and the ugly legs won't be happening.)

And this is how I think I want the main wall to look: (Ignore my rookie mistakes on sketch up that have random black lines going through the backsplash, et al)

Thanks so much for looking and sharing fresh ideas!

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I thought it might be helpful to see clearances and a more detailed floorplan for the kitchen itself.

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Congrats on getting the drawings back! :)

I would keep the prep sink where it is...between the fridge and range. This way, when you're chopping veggies, you will be directly across from the range and can easily turn and toss things in the skillet or pot.

The little shelves under the upper cabinets by the range...I like those! That's a clever idea and accents the space. The upper cabinet/hood, I'm not as fond of, just because it looks a little boxy and is out of line with the other upper cabinets. But that's just me.

The microwave...I'd put that to the left of the fridge. It's seems like a good spot for it. The pantry microwave might work if it's just for snacks or maybe defrosting meat out of the freezer...but honestly, I'd probably forget that I had something in there. Out of sight, out of mind (LOL)

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Is there a reason your upper cabs aren't ceiling height?

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Linelle, you were right on time-- I was just reading old threads about how to deal with that space. I don't like the stacked look. And I really don't like soffits.
So what else is there?

Lavender Lass, you had the same thoughts of that vent hood that I did. But if it doesn't get up to the ceiling, how do I get the venting through?

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Sophie Wheeler

The hood doesn't have enough open space around it to stand alone like that. Or else it should be more of a part of the run of cabinets, joined to them, with them all going to the ceiling. It also doesn't seem to be large enough for the range below. Is there any way to get rid of the wing wall to the left on the cabinet run? It would look so much better to be able to have the fridge anchor that end of the run.

Also, the unequal treatment around the window is problematic. Either the cabinet to the right of the fridge needs to become smaller so as to have the same amount of open space between the cabinets and casing, or else the cabinet on the left needs to be an L shaped corner cabinet that wraps the corner and comes closer to the casing.

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swfr, full disclosure: I have 9-ft. ceilings and uppers like yours that don't go to the top. My kitchen update used the old cabinet boxes, so that's my excuse. :) Honestly, I don't think it looks that bad. I don't have a soffit, thank goodness. As for the mess (dust, grease, etc.) that people claim is the result, I just run lengths of paper towels over the top. You can't see them from below. Every 6 months or so, I replace them. No cleaning, no mess.

I *think* I would go to the ceiling if I were to redo my cabs. I don't mind the stacked look.

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I find that I often have to take something out of the microwave and stir it and put it back in. You need a counter to place the item on. If you have the microwave on the counter the door swing on the microwave is in the way. I would raise it into the upper cabinet. Just my suggestion.

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"...I find that I often have to take something out of the microwave and stir it and put it back in..."

Or, get a MW drawer - then you don't have to take food out of the MW to stir....just open it stir it, close it. You don't have to take it out until it's done cooking.

Either way, Beverly27 is correct, you need landing space directly above, below, across from, or next to the MW - without an obstruction in the way (the refrigerator, in this case).

So, does the refrigerator wall have to be that deep? Can it be reduced to no deeper than the depth of the refrigerator carcass/box?

Hood....I agree, it doesn't look right in both versions. The KD's would look better if it were wider. Actually, so would yours. In your plan, is it deliberate to have just the range cabs higher than the rest? IMHO, it only works if you have other elements doing the same thing elsewhere. Right now, it looks awkward/jarring, like it was an afterthought or that it's only there to "hide" something (which, based on your comments, is why it's there - to hide something).

If you don't want cabs to the ceiling, then vent out the wall behind the hood and then turn the venting up and over. Yes, it will reduce the hood's effectiveness and you will need to make that up with stronger cfms and a wider hood, but that will be a compromise to get the look you want - without compromising functionality. Note that a wider hood is generally recommended for better capture and it will make that wall look better overall in both plans.

One last question - are you planning custom cabinets? If so, you could request taller cabinets be made or have stacked cabinet boxes but just one door that covers both boxes. However, I think cabinets too tall (or doors) will look out of place, especially if they are not wide enough to compensate for the height - but I would have to see them. At the very least, get 42" tall cabinets.

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I tried to incorporate the ideas that you all brought to me in this latest version. What do you think?
I think the point about the MW needing a landing space is right. I moved it over and changed that area beyond the fridge to be a full-depth pantry type door. I had played with that idea in a previous version but then gone to the idea of having cabinets there because I wanted it to be a charging area for phones and home organization space above and below (phone books, stationary, files, recipes, etc.) But I might still have that, just behind a pantry door with several slide out shelves?
We are doing stock cabinets-- 42" and I don't want the look or the expense of stacked to the ceiling. So I am left with that open space. The wall behind the kitchen is directly outdoors, so it won't be hard to vent. Does that mean it doesn't require me to run the venting up to the ceiling? I'm not sure about the technical requirements in the design.
I like the look of the hood now that it is lower down and wider. But if these aren't custom cabinets, I don't know that my KD is going to be able to make it look like this. I really wish we could just do custom, but it's not in the budget. Waaaah. (Just kidding, I have nothing to really complain about!)
I also feel like the corner that was giving me trouble has gotten a little clearer. I did a corner cabinet with that kind of double door that hinges out-- I can't remember the name? That space will be considerably more useful with it like this.

Buehl, I'm not sure what you mean about the depth of the fridge wall? That wall/opening to the dining room can be as deep or shallow as I want it. Any advice?

Still would love to hear thoughts and opinions. You guys are awesome!

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