Fiesta - time for my first set of dishes

BoopadabooDecember 26, 2008

OK, I admit it is crazy that I have made it to this age and have never bought/picked out dishes. When I was younger I had my mom's china and every day dishes. I have always had hand me downs and I never really cared. I have since given mom's china to my brother and it is about time I purchased some dishes. :)

I am not really a fancy china kind of person (and given that I am VERY outnumbered in this house with DH, 2SS and a DS on the way) I want something fun and durable.

I have always been drawn to Fiesta. But where to buy it for the best price? Does it hold up well? Do you love it?

I know I have seen posts on this before, but I can't seem to find any now with a search.

Given these drapes in the family room and kitchen...

I am thinking Tangerine, Sunflower and Cobalt.

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Boo, we had Fiesta on sale last week. But in general, our prices are very good. I work part time at Dillards. Do you have one near you? Or you can shop online. I love the color combination you have chosen.

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I always got mine at JC Penneys. I really liked my Fiesta Ware and it held up great. Long ago I sold it all in favor of white ironstone.

I bought my SIL a bunch of different sets of Fiesta Ware over a few Christmas's and she still loves and uses it on a regular basis.

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The colors you have chosen are perfect!!!

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I have a mish-mash of colors, and I would steer clear of sunflower (and maybe some of the other lighter colors). I read somewhere that some flatware can leave marks, but how would you know until it's too late? My sunflower is definitely scratched by my Oneida flatware. I got mine at amazon. I think the prices were comparable to other places, but at the time they were giving away some large serving bowls with each place setting. You can also find pieces on ebay. After I bought all I needed, they came up with the scarlet color, which I love. I've been tempted to get some of it even though I don't need it!

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Boop, I've had my set for a year next month. I have sunflower, tangerine, shamrock, turquoise and red, two 4 piece place setting of each. I bought all the accessory pieces in red and it looks great together. I had used white dishes for the last 20 years, so this was a huge step for us. But the dishes are hardy, no chips or anything after a year of hard use.

We bought our sets at Macy's, watching for the sales. I think we got the 4 piece place setting for an average of $21 a set. And here in Oregon we pay no sales tax. Good luck, I know you will love it.

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Some points to consider before committing yourself to Fiestware........The pieces are very thick. If space is a premium in your cupboards this may become annoying. A stack of twelve Fiesta plates take up more room than say a stack of Corelle. The coffee cups do not nest. The serving platters are heavy, and once they have food piled on them may be troublesome to carry to table. A big heavy, ceramic mixing bowl may be annoying to use, over the other choices of plastic or stainless steel, even clear glass.

They do chip. They do show flatware marks.

The post 1986 pieces will be cheaper of course, but the colors just do not have that soft warm feel to them like the vintage pieces do.

When choosing pieces decide what what color you want for the function of the piece. For instance, is meat going to look appetizing on a purple plate? Is cereal going to look good in a gray bowl? I know you said you want Tangerine, Sunflower and Cobalt, so consider how meals will look being served on a cobalt dinner plate or how coffee will look in a Cobalt or Tangerine cup.

If you do not want to become a "serious" collector of Fiesta consider buying the look-a-likes at a much cheaper price.

Consider shopping the HL factory outlet for better prices. See here:

There are over thirty Fiesta colors. This year they introduced a hideous brown color. See link.

Here is a link that might be useful: Brown Fiesta for 2008

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LOVE those choices! But then, I love my colorful dinnerware (Lindt Stymeist Colorways), so I'm a patsy for that sort of color in the kitchen.

I'll address the flatware markings, since it can be an issue, but in my experience the marks only show up with really hard use - slicing meat regularly on the plate, for instance.

You might consider getting the Sunflower only in bowls, or pieces that aren't likely to mark quite so easily. Not that they're EASY to mark - it does seem to take fairly heavy & constant pressure. They should still last you a very long time.

& did I mention that I LOVE Fiesta? ;-)

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I started buying Fiestaware back in the 7Os, when I was in college, needed dishes & couldn't afford to shop anywhere but Goodwill, whose shelves were full of Fiesta. I've been a sucker for multicolored anything since I was a kid--anodized aluminum patio tumblers, M&Ms, Tiddleywiwnks, billiard balls, sprinkles, Necco Wafers, that old Whitney Houston music video with the confetti--but for some odd reason, I'd never seen Fiestaware before I went to college, so finding a whole rack of it was a huge find, and especially since I never paid more than 5O cents for any of it, although people who had grown up around the stuff thought that was overpriced. Orphaned saucers were a nickel.

Thirty years later, I still use my Fiesta (and now, also my Harlequin) every day. The best part is that when you use Fiesta in a room with colorful furnishings like yours, you can't go wrong. Be sure to post some pictures with it all in place when you finish.

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I love my fiestaware. I have sunflower, cobalt, shamrock and cinnabar. No problems with it scratching. My Grandma had fiestaware in the old pastel colors when my Mom was growing up - wish I had it now!

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dilly dally - that brown is truely ugly!

I have big, oversized chop plates in persimmon. I think they retired that color. I use them when I serve BBQ, mostly in the summer.

Boopadaboo - if you have a restaurant supply house in your neck of the woods you might be able to buy your Fiestaware at wholesale prices - that's were I got my chop plates and my oversized chili mugs/saucers.


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I don't have any but they are on my wish list. I say if you like them go for it. They are quite heavy tho but so is some other dishes out there. The colors you choose will go fabulous with your drapes.

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Oh, another thing, those cups that come in the 4-piece place settings...hated them. I find those little 1-finger handles to be really uncomfortable when the cup is full and heavy. You can get a 12-oz mug with a traditional mug-style handle instead, which is much better IMO.

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I've had my Fiestaware for a couple of years now. Love it, love it, love it. Mine are Shamrock and Scarlet. Got mine at Macy's, waited for a sale and got the 4-piece sets for around $23 a set. Kohl's also carries Fiestaware and it's usually on sale too. Plus you can easily get Kohl's 15% off coupons as well.

Never had a bit of problem with flatware scratches or chipping. Yes, it's heavy, but it's good stuff. I don't think you can go wrong with Fiestaware.

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I'd pick a more neutral color for plates and let the colors run wild in the serving pieces. Also, while the brown isn't my first choice, food would look better on it than on the tangerine.

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I love fiesta. I just sold my entire 12 place setting plus umpteen serving pieces of cobalt on Craigslist a couple months ago. They were our wedding dishes (like you, we aren't formal people and never wanted a true china set, so we registered for the fiesta), but since moving here, the cobalt just didn't match. I replaced them all with white fiesta.

Yes, both colors did show scratch marks - the white especially gets these gray knife marks. But it doesn't bother me - it's kind of like patina. And if it did, a quick scrubdown with barkeeper's friend removes them. But other than that, they're very sturdy - in 10+ years of daily use, we've only had one salad plate break, and it was because my toddler threw it across the room. In fact, I had the lid to a covered casserole fall out of my cabinet and land upside down on the stove. The lid was perfectly intact - not even a scratch - but there was a huge handle-shaped dent in the stovetop. Never had a chip or anything.

Yes, they are tall and heavy, but I like my dishes to be substantial and hefty, like restaurant plates. In fact, if I ever replace my fiesta with anything, it would be plain white diner-style plates from buffalo china or one of the other big restaurant-china makers.

When I replaced all my cobalt with white, I found the best price by far on amazon. Free shipping, no tax, very competitive pricing, and at the time I bought, they had a $25 off $125 of anything kitchen-related promotion going. I broke it up into two orders and ended up getting $50 off the already good prices. I think I had to go to a different site ( for one particular sized bowl (the 40 oz serving bowl - incredibly incredibly useful - I use them more than the bowls that come with the place settings and I highly recommend you get a few!) but other than those, everything came from amazon.

Good luck and happy shopping! I think the colors you picked out will look great with your kitchen!

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I have fiesta dishes...but only the more recent colors. My favorite is the turquoise and the heather, but really, I like them all :-) Except I have no white or black. I just got a set of ivory. There was no chocolate the last time I was at the store so I didn't get a look at it...but I think I might be skipping that one. Well, I might buy one set just for the heck of it...I often buy it from MegaChina or Amazon. I need some of the chartreuse but my goodness it costs more than my jadeite dishes. Sheesh. I'll wait till they bring it back.


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Dillards regular price for a 5 piece place setting is $24. We did have a sale about a week ago when the prices were 30% or 40% off. We may have another sale coming up again. I can let you know.

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Thank you all so much for posting your likes/dislikes with Fiesta! You are all so helpful.

Eileen you are supersweet. I do not have a dillards near me. I will keep my eye out for sales at kohls and Macy's though. I don't think I will be buying the place settings. I don't have much use for the mugs and I dont think I will need as many bowls as I will the plates. That is one of the things I like about it. How easy it seems to buy exactly what you need while being able to mix and match such pretty colors.

I am going to order a plate of the three colors so I can see it in person today. If I love it, which I have a feeling I will, I will start a wish list on Amazon and start ordering peices. I have already been scoping out ebay too. :)

Of course I have a tendancy to go overboard so I already have visions of a platerack molding type thing going around the kitchen so I can have a "plate" backsplash for color and to have the smaller plates handy, and lots of mixing bowls and carafes on top of the cabinets for color there. I think I might have to see if one or two more colors will work with the mix if I am planning on open storage.

I have a picture of a gorgeous white kitchen with tons of fiesta everywhere that I have saved for years. I don't think I will ever have that white kitchen but I think the fiesta will still work.

I have no idea why I am so in to lots of happy colors all of a sudden but I am so looking forward to this. :)

Makes me love my crazy butterfly curtains all the more. They were my best ebay bargain of all time and I am so glad I made a big stink when the people buying my last house wanted to write in the contract that I leave the two panels I had hung. I have the perfect spot for 5 of the panels in this house and I am going to use the 6th to get a roman shde made for the window over the kitchen sink. Best $100 including shipping I ever spent on ebay!

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Boo, you can order online from Dillards. The 5 piece place settings come with a cup and saucer, bowl, salad plate and dinner plate. The plates or bowls are not sold separately or at least not here. Does Amazon sell plates separately?

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My use of Fiesta dates to the early 80s...right out of college, and picked up many pieces at "antique" stores, just like Magnaverde did. I still have those old pieces, and over the years added more and more for my everyday dishes. I pick out all the colors they have (except ivory; not bold enough), and mix and match them according to the holiday theme, food served, etc. I have never had any pieces break, but my newest white dishes get those gray scratch marks on them from DH's meat-cutting. I don't have any trouble with storage...only issue is they take up more room then "thinner" dishes in my Bosch DW. I have no regrets about any Fiesta purchase....the colors always make me smile.

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Lena M

Gorgeous stuff! But you might want to check out the use of heavy metals in the colored glazes of older Fiestaware. It may or may not be an issue.


Here is a link that might be useful: Uranium and Lead in Fiestaware

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Boop, I absolutely adore my Fiesta dishes! I have multiple colors that just make me so happy everytime I walk into the kitchen and see the fun colors.

Heck, even the kitties use Fiesta for their food and water!

We've had ours for a few years now, and have been very happy with them. I believe I purchased all of the sets at Kohl's, although they're plentiful online as well in numerous outlets. We don't have a dishwasher, so hand-wash everything, but even with the daily "roughing up" that they get around here, we've never had an issue with the pieces chipping or scratching. They're very durable.

Have fun!

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auntjen, that is too cute. Do you swap out the colors for your babies or do the kitters always get the peacock and tangerine?


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Thanks, Joanna! The "babies" always get those same bowls, and of course they've gotten the biggest bowls in the house for their grub! ;-)

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LNT had them...if you still have one near you. The ones near me closed just before xmas, the Saturday after xmas, and the last one will go in a few days.


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Forgot to mention something that is important to me. It is made in the USA!

Also, go to a store, such as Macy's, that has displays of all the colors. Easy way to pull together the look you want without any hassle. good luck!

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